Moroccan travelers : Beni Mellal Moudj (AtlasMountains )

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It was friday night , when Yacine went by me, to inquire as to whether we can go on a trek to remove time from pressure and negative vitality. For what reason not ? we can go tomorrow, Saturday The following day I went to Yassin's Job , helped him to complete his work early, and after we can go to Moudj ( is 15KM a long way from Beni Mellal) ! It's as of now 4:00 PM , we begin climbing to Moudj, following one hour of strolling in mountains we discovered catch a ride that gave us a ride 5 KM, so we arrived at 7:00 PM , we set up our tent , influenced a fire to camp and cooked a few snacks for burger joint . we shot a timelapse of stars before resting in cool dull

night with begins shinning over our heads. ☆ woke up in the early morning to see this astounding scene and hold with your frosty hand this some mint tea , take tastes and appreciate with those mists originating from the base of the valley .... it truly looks so astonishing! At 11:00 PM its begin sprinkling , so we pressed up our stuff and turned back home ^.^ In an overcast day like this present, it's so difficult to see my companion from separate. Toward the end, we backpedaled home at 4:00 PM. . It was a stunning short trek, one night and one day. We didn't have to spend heaps of cash however we delighted in it to such an extent. It invigorated our brain and soul. In this way, I trust you could be roused from this short story, go without anyone else trip, don't rationalize not having enough time and cash. It's as straightforward as that. I trust you folks enjoyed the video and persuaded you to go too in an excursion whenever .

Shot by: Mohamed Ourty

Altered by: Mohamed Ourty

Shot with Canon 500D , SJCAM.


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