1,000 Followers – THANK YOU!!!

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I’ve truly been blessed with the overwhelming amount of support & kindness the platform and its users have shown me.

1000 pic 1.1.png

Where do I start? There are so many people to thank and so many nice people I met due to this platform since I started nine months ago, my baby really grew!
Like most members of this unique community I was not an investor and started at zero, with almost no computer experience.
Those who’ve been following me from the start know I almost quit one more than one occasion.
My goal to use my blog as a one-stop spot for travel junkies to share tips, tricks and stories in order to help people around the world and create a trusted network of travelers, did not succeed at all in the beginning. But I am very happy that I still put in the work, because by now I am really enjoying the platform and if you ask me it did not reach its full potential by far.
So to everybody who second guesses the decision on still putting in the time and content, just keep going!!

For the people who don’t me and my account yet; here is my introduction post and the introduction of NBA Basketball to my blog as well.


As mentioned there are so many people I would like to thank! Are you ready for my Steemit favorites!

Mentors @theywillkillyou and @world5list
Let’s face it, if it was not because of this guys I would for sure never knew Steemit exists. I told my close friends Angelo and Rene is was struggling since I was back in Amsterdam an missed connecting with travel-minded people, that advised me to start blogging on the platform and are really helping me out with whatever they can! Thanks so much guys!

Make sure to check there accounts, there goal is to convert people from YouTube to Steemit and they have around 2 million subscribers on YouTube together.
Posting great content on the platform so make sure to stop by, Crypto’s and interviews they got you covered!

1000 pic 2.png
“me @theywillkillyou and the always happy @world5list haha, great ribs to!

As mentioned for me it’s all about traveling. Travel as much as you can! Since my first day on Steemit I looked for travel minded people to connect to and I am very happy to present to you my favorite travel account on the platform! I also saw many promising travelers quit on the platform so please everybody keep going and put in the work.

Just read his name and that’s all you need to know! This guy is a true legend and I am very happy I found his account right when I started posting. Dan will take you all over the world, with great tips, ticks, videos and pictures, I am very happy for him, the last months his account really blew up and you could say he is a full-time blogger now all to make sure you are not missing out! He has over 11 years of travel experience and more than 11 years of stories and post still waiting for you!
Hopefully we can meet up soon!

1000 pic 3.png

I am following Joy for months now and she never disappoints! She I upbeat, energetic and even if she is not travelling she shares with you great post if her daily life. I am very impressed by how the posts of Joy look always, she really puts in the time and effort. Just see for yourself!
From Asia to the Balkan, from Iran to Brussels Joy will take you there! Great reputation score and Steemfest 2 attendee.

Just a great travel account! A friend of Joy and someone who puts in the time and effort for sure! I really enjoy her posts and hope her account will keep growing. This loyal Steemian is posting multiple times a week and shares stories from all over the world as well.
Thanks for reading my posts and up voting them from time to time, lets connect with more travelers and grow the platform together.

I just recently found his account but he lives a lifestyle I really like and respect. Just follow him to find out what he brings to the table.
The thing I like best about him, he uses the money he gets by your upvotes to plant trees! By now he planted over 30 trees and he keeps on going! Keep it up, buddy.

There also are some great photography accounts on the platform, that I really enjoy and by now connected with as well.
What’s better then travel-minded photography? Nothing right! Here’s my way of thanking the people that really make the platform come to live.

A fellow Dutchie, Crypto believer, outdoors lover and household photography name on Steemit!
I had the pleasure of meeting him and talk about traveling, he was the first person I interviewed for my travel interview series.
Really nice guy and a big presence on the platform that helps out many photographers by giving tips and giving away STD to help them grow.
Here is the interview with him;


Traveller, adventurer and photographer. He is sharing great pictures and posts from all the destinations he went to. Like me he is trying to connect fellow travelers and he did so by founding and curating @travelfeed. His goal is to help all travel accounts and make sure they grow by exposure! Thanks for doing that!

My biggest secret? I can’t really cook! But I must say I found myself some great accounts about food! Everybody loves food and I know I told it’s all about traveling to me, but these people make me travel the world with great dishes from all over the globe.

@Offoodandart , @chefsteve and @cookwith us
If you want to see the most wonderful food recipes with your own eyes make sure to follow both! And if you are a food lover yourself or just ae confident enough to share your recipes as well ,make sure to participate in the contest they host @cookwithus. Enjoy, learn and win STD!

1000 pic 4.png

Some more of my Steemit friends I want to thank for their support the last moths and people that really bring something to the platform.

She is sharing her daily life with you and gives you great lifestyle tips and tricks, really enjoyable to read and it makes you think about how you can be the you! She comes out with very fun post a few times a week. So don’t miss out!

A very early Steemit adopter sharing his stories from July 2016 he is a solver of problems and teller of stories, so something interesting for everybody! Make sure to have a look at his account.
He really helped me here on Steemit, thanks for the support!

I am a big sports fan myself! Just went to California to watch some NBA games and no matter where I go even if I don’t understand the sport I will always try to visit the local teams.
There are some accounts I enjoy following and they have great value to the Sports minded people on Steemit.

Is one of my favorites, if you like Baseball make sure to follow him! I don’t know enough to post about this sport, but this gentlemen sure does! As a bonus for following him you will be able to learn more about the Markets (Crypto, Elements and stocks) with easy to read understandable posts he will give some more insight in what’s going on and his exportations.

There are so many more people to thank! It’s not that I forgot about you, soon I will post about my favorite travel accounts on Steemit again like I did before:
@holm @susanne @surfermarly @dannytravels @budgetbucketlist @alexcote @travelgirl



Again THANKS THANKS AND THANKS I really like the fact that I enjoy blogging so much! This platform is just so unique and I looking forward to all the posts coming my way and maybe even meeting up with some off you!

I will soon post part2 to celebrate my 1000 followers! With my experiences and goals on the platform in order to chase the next 1000!



I will reach 1000 followers also soon.
I just need 8 more hehehe

Nice!only 3 more to go I see! so start writing your post! haha, enjoy your day

Congratulations, now you have one more follower, me 😊

Love it! thanks, hope you like my travel posts!

Thanks for stopping by! will keep on giong! tomorrow about NBA, have a good one

Congratulations for achieving this feat. I am also on my way towards 1k. And yes i still feel like quiting really. But people like you keep urging me on. I will tarry a while and see what my future on steem unfolds. Thank you for good content.

Thanks for stopping by, the way I see it if you like what your are doing just continue, I met many interesting people because of Steemit, I also believe that if you are not able to do this full-time is very hard to grow and get a strong connection

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Congratulations to your achievement @heyitshaas! I always enjoy your posts and try to follow as much as possible. And thanks for recommending my blog - I really appreciate it! Happy Easter and greetings from Ljubljana!:-)

you are welcome! same here really like the work you put in and the stories you share

glad to hear it! I'm approaching my 3,000 th follower fairly stoked!

Thats very impressive! thanks for stopping by

This post has received a 4.62 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @heyitshaas.

Congratulations Martijn, 1.000 is a huge milestone! The next 1.000 won't be far if you keep posting like you do!
And thanks for mentioning me and travelfeed :)

You are welcome, I am very impressed in what you do for the Platform, sometimes I wish I had more time to chip in more as well, mentioned you because everybody needs to see your pictures!

Thanks for your nice words :)

your story is amazing, I feel proud to be part of your family ..

help me in developing steemit account, by following @ziapase and upvote my latest post ..

Thank brother

congrats on reaching that milestone! :)

Thanks! means a lot to see you ckecking my post, you had this miles stone 10 times already! that great! lets hope the platform will keep on growing with nice people. Thanks for your upvote, hope you like what I post in the future

Wonderful! Congrats!

Congrats on this great achievement! :) We seem to have many followings in common :)

I see that to, so many travelminded people that are very fun to watch! hope we can all meet up at one point to write the best post ever! happy for you that you are a digital nomad, gives you freedom to travel! keep it up, hope I can find a way to life the same soon

Congratulation my dear friend @heyitshaas. You did very good job on steemit. It is not so easy to get 1000 followers. Keep it up. Have a nice weekend. Greeting from @chanthasam

Thanks just upvoted your latest post, very inspiring

Congratulations!!! 1K is a huge milestone and I just checked, we just went over the 1K as well. I knew we were close but your post made me check just now!

Two thousands and thousands more!

Thanks! followed very intresting account you have! as mentioned alwyas try to connect with travel-minded people! keep it up

You've come to the right place ... we've been on the road for 8 yeas now :) I'll keep my eye on your content tagged with travelfeed! Hope to see you on our discord channel too!

Congrats brother! Steemit would not be the same without you :)

All credits go to the Mentor! thanks again for introducing me here! really enjoy it!

Congratulations 😁😁

I just started and keep fight for play😊

Thanks for stopping by! just looked at your account looks good, just keep up the hard work and you will be fine! Love Indonesia

Congratulations @heyitshaas! That’s a huge achievement! I’m pretty sure you’ll get the next 1000 in no time.

Thanks for the mention! Continue Steeming!

Will do! thanks for all your support and all the great dishes your share! shame I missed you in Amsterdam but will try to meet up with Angelo and you one day for sure

Thanks for your consistent and generous support as well. Yeah, one of these days, we'll meet. Hopefully soon.

Congratulations Haas! Thank you for the very kind words! It's been a pleasure getting to know you and I really look forward to meeting you in person! Steem-on brother, you are doing great!

Will Steem-on for sure! hopefully I can be more of a Pro soon again to haha. We will meet up for sure, summer is arround the corner, moving into the same appartment building @World5list lives so even more fun to share

Sounds exciting. Crazy how the summer is around the corner. I've still got Uruguay, Argentina, maybe Paraguay to explore, my dad and uncle in Florida to meet up with then, Sndbox people in NYC, then my cousin in Albany New York....all before June 1st. It's like a Travel Pro World Tour! lol So I have to start putting some thought into Europe kind of soon. So busy, sometime it's hard to comprehend all this go go go! But chillen in Santiago doing not much other than steemit is exactly what I need for now.

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