How to spend a memorable day in Sapporo, one of Three Cities with New Best Night Scenes in Japan

in #travel3 years ago


At the 2017 Summit Night View Meeting in Kobe held in October 2017, Sapporo was designated as one of the Three Cities with New Best Night Views in Japan by some 4,500 night judgment reviewers from all over Japan. In the scenic beauty of the night, the plains of Sapporo look decorated with a sea of ​​light like a gemstone. Looking at a panoramic view of the city from its location to enjoy the night scene like Mount Moiwa, and seeing the light carpet that runs under the eyes, it certainly thrills the chest. When you're in Sapporo, enjoy the beautiful night scenery like the brightly lit Susukino shopping center and the illuminations that adorn Odori Park in the winter.


you can also head to Hokkaido Aviation which provides space cruise departing and back at Okadama Sapporo Airport hosting a special night-time cruise during Christmas and the Sapporo Snow Festival. You can enjoy the great ice sculpture of the Sapporo Snow Festival in the colorful light beam, Odori Park illumination, and the Susukino neon town that looks like a white snow-capped gemstone with a Cessna (about 16 minutes) or helicopter (about 10 minutes) .

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