A Trip to Malam Jabba (Swat, Pakistan)

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Pakistan is insanely beautiful and contains outrageously amazing natural beauty. It is specially true when you are in the northern part of the country which is full of mountains, trees and landscapes.


District Swat (pronounced Swaat, not SWAT; the well known special group) is located in the Northern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhaw, Pakistan. It is full of scenic beauty and Malam Jabba is just one point of attraction on the list. There are many others but this post is strictly about Malam Jabba.


Captured while the upward journey, this is one of the best experiences ever; the chairlift. Malam Jabba has a fantastic chairlift which starts from the valley way down there in the image and takes to the top of the steep mountain. The picture I posted first is from the top of the mountain and that's why I seem to be (and am) above the surrounding peaks.


This is the ground where the chairlift journey starts from. The brown ground of November is not what this place always looks like. The ground and the slope is specially leveled and prepared for winter season when there's ice everywhere. In the winters, there's a huge skiing festival at this very palce. I think a visual image will explain it better.

Skiing in Malam Jabba

Image Source

I am not lucky enough yet to go in winters but the atmosphere is amazing (you can see from the picture and add to it the stories the local people told me and my friends). The best thing about Malam Jabba was the ride in that chairlift. It was my first time in a chairlift so I particularly enjoyed it thoroughly.


Let me take you through some exotic images captured during my visit. I hope you will love these images.


This is one of my favorite captures from the three day trip to Swat. How beautiful it is to see the rays penetrate the clouds like that!


The adjacent mountain with its beautiful lofty trees.


An empty chairlift seat passing by.

Now, let me glide through the exquisite scenes that I was able to capture from the lovely spot of Malam Jabba.





The last picture is from the little archery spot in Malam Jabba. It was my second experience with archery and I think I can do well in it. I like the sport, specially the focus required to hit the target.

That's it for the journey through Malam Jabba. I hope you liked seeing the pictures. Pakistan, as opposed to the media coverage, is full of beauty and peace. There are numerous spots which are worth a visit.

Now, it's your turn.

  • Do you like to travel?
  • Do you take pictures when you visit a beautiful place?
  • If you could take just one person with you to Malam Jabba, who would it be?

Waiting for your comments because the best interaction happens in that amazing space.

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There is no doubt that Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
Malam Jabba is such a beautiful place. Its mountains and trees and roads everything sooth your soul.
I am crazy about travelling. I wish I could have a job where all I have to do is travelling. Lol!
I always love to grasp the beauty of the place with my camera.
I have visited Malam Jabba last year but if i get another chance to visit that place I would love to take my sister with me.

Wow! That's great @ayeshanor and thanks for a detailed comment. I hope you visit it again with your sister.

Hi Ilyas! I don't think my mind has ever put Pakistan and Ski Resort together in the same thought. Do you know of other locals in the country worth taking time to visit?

Hi @travelman,

It's normal not to think of Pakistan like that but this country is heaven for tourists and mountain lovers. We have some of the highest peaks in the world. K-2 is the second highest peak in the world. There are exotic valleys too and amazing lakes as well. There's pretty much everything.

So you live in (or are from) Pakistan?

I am from Pakistan and live here as well. That's true.

That's why I love steemit so far. I'm talking to people from all over the world!

That's great. I feel that too about Steemit. Where are you from? Can you link your intro post here please?

Thanks. I saw it happening. Your reputation was 36 and immediatly after my upvote, it became 37. Congrats and it made me happy to be the final reason.

I've got the link now so I will read soon

No doubt, It is the best country and you described that in a befitting manner!
Loved your post! Upvoted
Check out my post too!
Exposing The Real Beauty OF Pakistan!!! (Part 1-Lahore)

Gotta check it out! Wow!

very beautiful place no doubt about Pakistan is very beautiful country of the world. You post is showing natural beauty of pakistan. upvote your post.

Thanks a lot for the lovely comment.

well its a beautiful place . love it

Thanks a lot. It's November (fall) otherwise there's so much more to this lovely place. Please do resteem if you haven't already.

Wonderful post, info and photos my friend :) @ilyastarar

Thanks a lot @dihoa for your comment. Would you please resteem it?

Wow ! you got also great pictures and nice views.

Thanks @chanthasam for your lovely comment. Please resteem if you haven't already.

Beautiful as always! @ilyastarar

Thanks @tuyetthi for the comment. Please do resteem.

that,looks like a very good place.
i have never know that tou are experencing winter upthere.

Thanks @ekavieka for your comment. The place is lovely and so are the surrounding areas there. We have 7 of the highest peaks (K-2 is at number two) so there's strong winters. Please do resteem the post of you didn't already.

nice place and yes I do love to travel..upvoted and followed you

Thanks for reading and commenting.

you're welcome

wow you are representing true and clean pic of Pakistan good work upvoted this article i have written something new have a look please


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