Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song (Thor Ragnarok) on Lake Lanier in Atlanta, GA on a pontoon boat with the kids

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Last week, I was in Atlanta, Georgia for the week. I had my boys with me for Lake Lanier oriented vacation. The kids really started liking the Marvel Studios movies. One of which last year was "Thor: Ragnarok", which is the 3rd in the Thor series. There is a battle scene in the beginning and at the end especially which features Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song. This was great exposure for my kids to accidentally find out that they like Led Zeppelin, despite the fact that I play it regularly and they didn't even know it or care that much for it.

For reference, here is the clip from the movie. This is a totally legal YouTube upload.

Released by Blu Ray Clips for Marvel Studios, which is owned by Disney.
If you want to skip to the battle scene with Led Zeppelin playing, it starts at about the 2:20 mark. The clip is only 4:45 in total. There are other clips up there on YouTube of the movie that are totally legal, if you like as well.

Back to the lake....
My girlfriend at the wheel...
Me driving the boat (I know, the picture before this one is far more interesting...
Some of the views near the Flowery Branch vicinity, if you know the area.
It had rained a few days last week there, but this day was a great one.
Such a nice sunny day to be in nice clean water.
My son is just completely wiped out from having a nice day of 5+ hours on the water.
My ride which can do a maximum of 18-19 MPH out there on the water. I'd happily own one of these. This one was rented and only a year old.

I was able to anchor the boat and get out and swim with my son for awhile. The water was probably 80 degrees and very refreshing. It can be fun when nature and movies and music and family can all collide into a great memory. My kids said this particular boat outing was the best part of the whole week. I have many more pictures and another video to post as well. I will bring you that tomorrow or later tonight. Enjoy. I welcome any replies or questions.


wow you guys must have had a really good time i love driving a boat its been long i did that actually but the experience is for a life time, nice one.

I only get to drive a boat once or twice a year and I love it too. I've only dabbled in small things like these 20something footers. I can only imagine what it must be like to navigate with a yacht. There is so much open water, yet there are so many hazards out there too when you get into the tighter areas.

I just put up a 2nd posting related to this posting with more images and another video as well:

It is definitely an underrated Zeppelin song. It kind of stands alone in their catalog for it's opening style. The almost screaming singing at the beginning is like a old vintage war song. It's fitting for that movie scene. I get so frustrated when I see yet another sellout of some old material but this one was well placed and thought out. The song then digresses into the repetitive anthem like blues beat that is the sound of Led Zeppelin. Most of their songs that start off power with power start with a strong instrumental presence. Aside from a few quick drum and bass beats, this one gets right into the war cry, which is great.

Trampled Under Foot, Kashmir, Stairway, Misty Mountain Hop, Rock N Roll, All of My Love, Hot Dog, Battle of Evermore, just to name a few start off with some bit of music before jumping into the lyrics. If I thought through all of the albums, I'm sure it would actually end up being a list of almost every song.

Wow ,, beautiful place .. thanks a lot.....

It was indeed beautiful. I will get another posting up today with some other photos. I didn't want to make this post so long that people bail out on it. It seems to work better to spread things out, not only for attention span, but also for upvotes too.

Amazing song, the way Taika Waititi used it in "Thor: Ragnarok" was breathtaking, especially in the final act. Beautiful pictures as well, looks like you guys had fun

I have watched that clip of Thor on my regular TV that has a YouTube app built into it a few times, nice and loud. It is so great.

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