The Roadtrip that Started at Dawn

in #travel3 years ago

Hello Steemians!

Glad to be invited on a road trip with some friends in Computer Engineering in our school for their Summer Outing : @kimp0gi (the Sexiest Man On Earth), @jbeguna04, @loydjayme25, and @tinagwapa. Another Steemiam trip!

I took a photograph of a sun rise during a trip that actually started at 3:00 am. The destination is really far that makes us wake up early and start the trip.


The Here's the Photograph Moments Later

The sky started to turn blue and I see a sunny morning coming on our way :).


A Blessed Trip for Us!


Have a safety journey

That will be an amazing trip, safe travels! @jassennessaj

really amazing sun rise photography. enjoy your great travel. thanks for @jassennessaj

the amazing sunset i loved this posting have a great day

great shot for 3am! So hard to think straight at that time of morning for me, lol.

A Blessed Trip for Us!

That's for sure sir... take care & enjoy 😊😘❤️