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RE: Miss Delicious #96 : Exploring the not so conventional food offerings of Ximending, Taipei!

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Greetings, beautiful, dear and charming sweetiejess

Food, food, food, is something I love to be around, though, I have to be away. I am making diet and avoiding most of the foods. Now my food is more protein. But this weekend, I got out of that regime and became fat (aiaiai). But I came back to him today.

From what I saw in your photos, there are many delicious and healthy foods. Some of them I've never seen here in Brazil. Maybe the preparation is different, not just the product itself.

It made me want to take a picture of you for me in which you are next to a black car. You are super beautiful in it.

Thank you and good morning!!!!!


hi julisavio! Aww the diet is the bane of every aspiring gourmand but we must treat ourselves once (or maybe a little more) every now and then right? Protein can be found in lots of natural food too, but I must say I don't pay too much attention to that stuff for now, I would probably not be able to enjoy the foods that i do if I did.

Thanks for commenting julisavio!

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