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RE: Food Adventures 6 : London Pubs

in #travel4 years ago

Hi iliasdiamantis

First thanks for sharing about your experience. Both pubs you mentioned are managed by the same company "Greene King" And by the look of the pictures unfortunately you visited drinks orientated pub not a foodie one. from what i can see everything is brought in , chips is blanced and frozen , was it mushy in the middle ? mash from powder ? how hard is it to mash a real potato ffs , gravy from powder , onion rings also brought in frozen , pie i can tell you for sure its not made in house also has been cooked, frozen and reheated to order, coleslaw also brought in you can see the same one in every supermarket, Hunters chicken is normally stew different nationalities have different version of it but definitely not a grilled breast. by the look of it looks like it has been steamed or boiled in advance that would explain why its juicy. Im sorry you did not get to enjoy a real home made with love British food.


Thanks for the info. I suspected they both belonged to the same company.
Now, I have to return to find a real foodie pub . :)

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