I travel the world #1008: Happy New Year ! Steem Give Away!

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Happy New Year! Thank you for your support in 2019 and it was a pleasure to meet many of you @steemfest in Bangkok. See you at @steemfest in 2020!









Let's kick off the Year with some pictures of the Amazing Crab dishes at Longbeach in Singapore! One of my all-time favorite dishes in the world.

Follow me, Re-Steem This Post and leave a comment what you did for New Year, or is your New Year still coming up? I will give 10 Steem as Power up to a lucky person who does Follow, Re-steem and Comment !

How did you spent New Year ???

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Happy New Year.
Coming to test my luck for the year 2020.
Here was where I was at a part of Sentosa.

Sentosa Cove that is. Been there?
BTW, last sentence seem missing a word "give"?

was nice to meet you in person in bkk!

Good to see you too.

Awww. I envy the life of travel! I was just at home during the new year. Same old, same old tradition. I just saw your blogs and wow what a traveller you are. I gave you a follow to see more of your adventures. Have a great year 2020!

appreciate the follow! have a great 2020

Happy new year :)

Happy New Year2020

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Happy New Year

I was having a bad sick day so I slept at the ball drop. But I'm gonna spend my new year 2020 playing Steem Monsters and giving my best at getting a PR for Canada.

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I just had some nice food cooked by myself and a peaceful home celebration with my family.

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Wish you a very happy new year.
My new year is just started. I'm planning to get back to steeming.

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Happy New Year!!! That crab dish makes me drool. What a good meal to kickoff a new year and decade. I spent the New Year with family at home and we went out to watch a movie. I'm still dreaming to one day travel the world like you do, looks like very fun and worthwhile. Anyway, enjoy your day and thanks for sharing good vibrations around Steemit. See you!

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Happy new year! 🎉

Hello sir. Resteemed. I spent new year offday with my family. I watched the new year celebration around the world by steemit platform and twitter.

HNY - I enjoy seeing all the travel photos: Singapore is on the bucket list. NYE was a quiet one at home with an amazing cheese and cracker board! All the very best for 2020.

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