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RE: Bangkok Day 2: Longboat Ride, Wat Arun, Khao Sahn Rd, and Learning the Scams of Thailand

in #travel4 years ago (edited)

@brandonfrye i always very intrested and i really like a Thailand trip. and saur i want to go a Thailand adventure trip as soon as possible, i'm so excited for it, and i'll really remember all scams that you described in this blog.

if you don't mind, i have one question. according your this blog you have some bad experiences of Thailand so, would you like next time go to a Thailand Trip?

please reply !

thanku for share your Bangkok Day 2 experience. i really like, so i'll follow you closly.
i'm doing follow, upvote and resteem this blog @brandonfrye .
please upvote me @krishnackt11 .


Of course, I have no problems with Thailand. I actually really like it here. :)

It's just a learning process of knowing what to watch out for. Once you figure that out, your travels will be much smoother.

thanku @brandonfrye for share this information.

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