Some moments from Vienna

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Christmas is a great time to visit Vienna. The city is full of people, glittering, charming, hospitable, colorful, interesting, in one word fantastic. This Christmas, I visited my friend, who has lived in Vienna for a long time. I will present you some of my nice moments and impressions, without history and facts.


The sweet aroma of ginger and the colorful gingerbread, souvenirs, apple cakes, Christmas lanterns, kids, tourists, smiling faces, ... No one felt how cold it really was that night.


Promenade, lavish architecture, New Year's decorations, tourists, no hurry, just walking and enjoying...


When you go with your children to Vienna, Prater is an unavoidable destination. Our sons were delighted with the image of this evil clown trying to make a weird horror photo, but it didn't work :)


I had a wonderful time in beautiful Vienna with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. I returned home full of impressions and refreshed memories of our childhood and crazy teenage days.

This is the third time I've visited Vienna, a city where I feel like I'm home.

Vienna, see you again! I promise, and I keep my promises :)


Vienna is truly a magical city

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