An Interesting Life : Experiences and the constancy of change.

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I used to think I wanted to be rich. Now I know I really just wanted to be free. Money buys options, but you know what else buys options? Creativity. Willingness to move on ideas. Being open to experiences and relationships.

In the past three weeks I’ve lived more than in some of the entire years of my 20’s and 30’s.

I was always too broke. Too obligated. Too sick or tired.

For years my pattern of action was: Ready! Aim! ....Aim!.....Aim!...

No fire.

Nowadays I find it’s better to shoot first. See where the shot lands. Correct if needed. Fire again.

I think in many ways we are the sum of our experiences. If that’s true, then it’s impossible to have a new experience and continue to be the same person you were before the experience. I certainly see the changes in me. Every time I go on a trip or experience something new, I am changed. I’m new. And since I crave a variety of experiences, I'm constantly reinventing myself.

I haven’t posted on here for 18 days. I’ve been gathering up experiences instead. Now that I’m home for a bit, I’ll be pouring them back out here. I hope to inspire you to live all your life. Stop dreaming, start living. And for those of you who already do, my hope is that you’ll enjoy the perspective of a fellow traveler and experience seeker.

Sneak peek:

Two weeks ago I set out on a motorcycle trip with three other men. From Portland Oregon to Reno Nevada, over to Eureka California and up the coast highway back into Oregon. I have over 100 gigs of video to edit and stories to share. Bonds created. Misadventures and flat tires. 2000 miles in 6 days. Mountains, deserts, lakes and streams, beaches and brew pubs, but most importantly; ideas. It’s amazing what can happen when you gather with thoughtful men of action.

The Anarchist Brotherhood Motorcycle Club was born. And I was changed.


Two days home, then back on the road. Portland to Joseph Oregon via highway 14.

Breathtaking river views and sprawling prairies. Mountain passes. A look at my roots. New beginnings. Watching my son get married. Changes in perspectives. And I was changed.

Three days back home. Back to work. I realize I’ve faltered on my habits. For the two weeks I was traveling I didn’t write, meditate, workout, read (much), create... I’m determined to fix this part of me that is so quick to lose focus. And I was changed.


Stay tuned...


Live more fear less.


It's the Harley 103 (cubic inches)

It's heavy but it gets the job done! 😉

Shit, 1690cc is to much for me!!! I drive 250cc HAHAHA