Sundial Bridge, Redding. Northern California.

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Redding, located in Northern California, one of the second sunniest city in California also known as the biggest retirement place to live since expenses and houses are cheaper compared to other places in California.
Winter snows in some areas but summer is super hot and often gets wildfire. A little surprise that I saw quite a lot of homeless people around the city.
We were driving around yesterday and didn't mean to go to Redding, but my husband said, "Let's drive to Redding!"
So there you go, I got some pictures from Sundial Bridge.


It Was a little crowded, no social distancing and a lot of them were not wearing face covering.



Built with steel, granite, porcelain and glass, this bridge looks stunning and modern, also the Turtle Bay Cafe and Museum are in one package to walk and hang around. There's fee to enter the museum while the bridge walk if free.


This structure is by the end of the suspension bridge it has a big hollow circle in it all the way to the ground by the water and I saw a bunch of people performing live music

The view to the left and right of the suspension bridge, the river itself is actually the Sacramento River that flows all the way to Sacramento.



Look who's having fun.



One of the close by bike and walking trail.


The Sunset.

ss4 (2).jpg

Driving home under the blanket of fire. It was the most spectacular sunset I've ever seen, alongside the sun is setting shyly with beautiful golden color. That's what Redding's known for, the sunny city.



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The post you make, I see that post somehow. But today I was really surprised to see your post. Really your photography pictures were so awesome I really liked it.

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Sundial Bridge is really amazing architecture with fine details, it looks like a glass, especially the turquoise blue makes it light and airy. I believe all kinds immediately want to experiment, climb on and test how the bridge is.

The sunset pictures are stunning, that must be very satisfying to end up the day with such beauty :)

Hi stef1, thank you.
An architect from Switzerland did good job in creating sun and dial bridge with the decking glass although don't see through the water bellow, but still stunningly stand along with all metals beams.

That is just an amazing place and the sunset shots really are breath-taking @lugina :D

It was really stunning place to visit, especially the sunset.
thank you for passed by.

Wow it's very beautiful

thank you.

Welcom @lugina and nice to meet you