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RE: Off Leash Adventures: Road Trip From California To Oregon Part 2; Off Roading On The Sand Dunes, Visit The Creamery & Staying In A Yurt.

in #travel4 years ago

Wow! 100% upvote that was one hell of a post, you're back with a vengence @beckymeep!

So many of your photos could be used to sell that type of vehicle, just terrific, my favourite was the one where you could see the mountains off in the distance. All in all looked like a lovely, relaxing trip, that yurt rocked! And so do you guys!


Thank you so much for the kind words and a 100% upvote.
We had a great time, even with the rain making our journey home a long one!
I was very happy with how the photos came out, I had so many to pick from though it was difficult to choose (I had over 300!) LOL

I totally innerstand the struggle, wow, you narrowed it down really good from 300!

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