top traveling destination #24 : Singapore

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Traveling to Singapore

Singapore is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. It is located on the island of southern Malaysia Tourism in Singapore contributes significantly to the country's economy, with more than 10 million tourists a year.


What are the best seasons to travel to Singapore?

In Singapore, the tropical climate is characterized by high humidity, with rain all year round and temperatures usually between 25 and 35 degrees. Therefore, the best time to travel to Singapore is throughout the year, especially from August to December.

Before traveling to Singapore

Traveling to Singapore does not require a visa for a lot of countries where a form is filled at the airport which allows you to enter for a full month without fees.

There are several official languages in Singapore, including Malaysian, Chinese and English so do not worry when you travel to Singapore. Communicating with the population if you are proficient in English will be comfortable.

Tourism in Sentosa Island

Sentosa island is the first destination for entertainment in Singapore. It includes the most important entertainment places in addition to the finest resorts.

The island attracts about 5 million visitors a year, both locals and tourists from around the world.


Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is one of the most spectacular cultural landmarks that Singapore has become famous for being one of the world's most attractive tourist destinations.

The Singapore Flyer is one of the most important tourist destinations in Singapore with a height of 165 meters, making it the highest wheel of this type in Asia, surpassing the height of London's famous wheel "London Eye"

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These photos are very impressive, the Post is generally beautiful, thank u

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That's amazing! I once had a layover in Singapore for a day and had the chance to check it out, but sadly one day isn't enough to see all the great spots Singapore offers! Sentosa Island looks beautiful - I really like the weather there, so I guess a couple of days there would be really nice :) Great post!

Singaporeans are friendly and welcoming, any of the locals can safely ask for help. Particularly noteworthy is the respect and tolerance of Singaporeans towards people from different religions and cultures, however, tourists should show tolerance in return. Especially need to show respect for the laws that are written here for a reason, for every violation tourists face a serious fine. When traveling to Singapore, you should forget about gum, "snacks" in public transport, sunbathing topless on the beaches, and even walking barefoot on the grass.

wow! what an adventure, Singapore ia really a place to go for tourism and other related purposes. @madarafreeman thanks for this, u making me think about singapore in my next trip

I do agree . It was also such a multicultural and clean city. Id love too go back someday soon.
I also have a similar picture of the gardens on my profile- check it out

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