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RE: Miss Delicious #96 : Exploring the not so conventional food offerings of Ximending, Taipei!

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Hi my favorite Asian traveler @sweetsssj, I really love to see your steem promoting work with travel around wearing steem T-shirt. :D
If seeing @sweetsssj, definitely can see more delicious foods. I don't know why you selected much foods lol. Machi Doggie in Ximending, Taipei superior place I see from your photo clicks. Seems huge crowded there.
Another the Modern Toilet' restaurant is giving various kind of experience.

toilets can of course be used for many different things and in many different ways. I don't know what I expected but every single inch of the restaurant had a toilet theme.

Actually I haven't idea why they selected to built these restaurant through toilet theme. Probably the were found different marketing trick. But for me I never like eat like these place if food was so delicious.
Universal Tonkotsu Ramen Nagi is a romantic looking restaurant under the lights. Foods also like a romance lol:)

Absolutely I prefer to find oldest looking traditional foods indeed naturalize themes included restaurants. It increase my positive mind as well.


Hi dear! Always good to subconsciously tickle people's curiosity with Steemit :)

Toilets are certainly a very odd choice of ornament to attract visitors, but it seems to have worked! I must say that food is definitely the least interesting part of the whole experience, but the food and service industry is so competitive in Taiwan that I guess they have to get the attention some how?

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