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RE: The Philippines - Siargao Island, Chapter One

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Never apologize for loving trees / nature. Nor for expressing the beauty of nature or your love of it.

I always remember riding on a narrow rode through jungle to get to my guesthouse on the far tip of the Moalboal peninsula (Cebu). And, another time, hiking into the jungle to get to a quaint but comfortable, govt-sponsored village for tribal residents.

It seems like everywhere I went, there was lush greenery.

Enjoy your trip!


No you're right - I think I was almost giddy from excitement when I arrived and I just had to share it with everyone here.

Ooo Moalboal, I've been! But never by narrowboat, that must've been an absolute adventure wow. And you went right into the jungle? That's impressive, how do the locals find visitors? I'm sure they welcomed you with open arms. I really have to do that too one day, that'd be so cool to be right in the nature.

Thanks for giving me your experience, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the Philippines!

The tribal village was just a 30-40 minute hike from the end of the road. The people were very pleasant and interesting. Their homes were simply structures, but quite new, neat, and clean. They also had electricity and some water lines.

There was a simple school, and I met one of the schoolteachers, a pleasant lady who was clearly adored and respected by her students. When I went back to the nearby city, I came across a used-book shop, where I found a stack of children's books in English. I bought a small stack of books, and brought them to the school.

Hope you're still enjoying the lush greenery.

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