The center of Prague has been included in the UNESCO - Europe trip :) [ part 3 ]

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The Czech capital is impressive for everyone who visits it. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and there is nothing strange about it. The list of monuments and places worth visiting is really impressive


The Czech capital is in a sense a different world - a friendly atmosphere, delicious beer, excellent cuisine (including Viennese schnitzel and goulash with dumplings), as well as beautiful landscapes are advantages. The climate of the city delights, every tourist remembers the warmth of the narrow charming streets, pleasant residents and the diversity of this city.


The center of Prague has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992.




Our trip - more previous posts. @gregbit and @margaretwise








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That was a Wonderful trip. Enjoy the summer here in Europe.

Thank you my dear friend. I am appreciate. Europe is really amazing and full of beauty 😎🤗😊

It is one of the most beautiful country and your every photo express its beauty, the most of building looking like a temple and well decorated with color...

Thank you my dear friend ;)

Great trip...

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No doubt, its a beautiful city thus listed on unesco world heritage site.

Amazing palec in Europe ;)

wow..great dear friend @margaretwise,beautiful photograph,thank you for sharing your post,

posting a very awesome travel story @margaretwise.
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I personally always wait for your post.
the picture of the building is very impressive

I am so appreciate my friend :)

so cool this is really interesting and wonderful to see such an awesome place D:

I was also very impressed, especially since it was my first visit :)

Wow! You have been all the most beautiful cities in Europe!!
Love the architecture and old wall paintings too!
The food, local wine and desserts!! heavenly!!
I would get fat just by looking at those photos of food and sweets!


Thank you my friend. I feel so lucky to have ability to see them. Incredible experience.

Very interesting post
I love ut

Hi Margaret! Gorgeous Photos. Summer traveling in Europe, that was my plan, but I may have to tend to some other priorities first here in the states. Hopefully I get out there before the cold sets back in several months from now. If that is not the case. I'll be heading somewhere closer to the equator for the winter for sure. Wishing you and Greg the very best! Safe Travels! -Dan

I am pretty sure that one day I will see your shots from Europe and I would be very pleased. Traveling to the warmer places is the best idea for the winter time. Panama is hot too 😉 Thank you for your nice comment and take care my dear friend 🤗

Thank you Margaret. Now is certainly the time to be in Europe. Panama, not so much!

I wish you great trip there and I am pretty sure you would love it . Hugs Dan and take care my Steemian brother ;)

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