My trips: Belgorod

in #travel5 years ago

Apart from blockchain I am very fond of travelling. Last weekend (when the whole blockchain world celebrated or moaned about bitcoin halving) I went to yet another town in Russia, Belgorod, a town with a long history that is located on a boarder with Ukraine.

Amazingly, it turned out that it is one of the most clean and green Russian towns with wide avenues sank in greenery. The fresh air makes all outdoor activities in its city parks awesome.

They also love painting and playing (listening to) music there. I do not know what type of a record player I pictured and how and when it had made its way from Switzerland to Belgorod, but it looks impressive. I also saw there for the first time in my life the working sun watches (pictured on a second photograph in a column).


Like the saw disc! The city seem very nice! Is it safe though considering it is a on a boarder?