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RE: Eating beetles and bugs in Chiang Mai, Oh My!

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Yuck i hate insects. Absolutely right Chiang Mai is an amazing city to visit. Night markets offer the best shopping options in Chiang Mai. The range and diversity is excellent, and they're found dotted all over the city. If you're in town on weekend then you have even more options to choose from, with entire evenings spent browsing, shopping, snacking and soaking up the scene. Thanks for sharing your travel experience with us.


Fantastic - how long were you there for? It's an amazing place. Any other recommendations?

Apparently there were more nomads operating out of Canggu Bali than Chiang Mai, for the first time recently. You should check it out!

(Peter runs a bunch of nomad projects)

So many people here on Steemit are talking about Chiang Mai! :O Now I want to go.