Thank you! Yes, the weather was rainy, but the experience was impressive. :)

By the way, the best pictures are made in mild cloudy weather in my opinion. Then the colors are the most real.

Yes, the pictures are beautiful, when - the clouds, but in the blue sky! ) When the sky is not visible - the colors are not so bright, in my opinion ...

My main argument is that in strong sunshine there are very strong contrasts. Here, the bright spots "burn".

Yes, I understand what you're talking about. But I prefer sunny weather with clouds, when you can do bright photos with beautiful shadows )

I agree with you. In this case, the perfect shot would have occurred if the sun was behind a cloud. Not a very dense cloud. ;)

For beautiful clouds, I use the HDR function with triple exposure. For example:


Which camera are you using?

The last photo is made with SONY DSC-H5, mounted to tripod. The photos from Toledo are made with my phone - Samsung Galaxy A5.

I also photograph only on the phone Iphone 5S, bright light is especially important for him