Rudkhan Castle, Masterpiece of Gilan Architecture

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In this post, we will have a virtual trip to the Rudkhan castle, a masterpiece of architecture in northern Iran.

rudkhan castle.jpg

If you travel to northern Iran, Be sure to go to the town of Fouman and the historic village of Rudkhan. There is a castle above this village, which was first made about 1300 years ago when the Arabs invaded Iran. The rulers of that time in Guilan escaped and hid in the castle. The castle was rebuilt in 1430 and because of its strength, was a good place to take refuge infront of attackers.

rudkhan castle2.jpg

This castle is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level and its area is about 2.6 hectares.

rudkhan castle3.jpg

To reach this castle, you should psdd about 1,000 staires in a beautiful jungle path. The stairs were built to a minimum height so that the horses could travel easily.

rudkhan castle4.jpg

There is a lot of information about the castle on the Internet that you can find with a quick search. So finish this post by putting some pictures of the Rudkhan castle.

rudkhan castle6.jpg

rudkhan castle7.jpg

rudkhan castle5.jpg

rudkhan castle9.jpg

rudkhan castle8.jpg

Hope you to watch this beautiful and historical castle and have lots of fun.

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thanks guys.


Very historical place. Great to see this place. And thanks to share this exclusive picture.

thank you for you comment and upvote.

che jaye zibaeeye. ye rooz bayad beram.

mesle hamishe ali 🌹🌹

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