Andalucía by Drone | November 2019 (Original Footage)

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Spain twice in a row. This time Andalucía in the south. Remarkably good weather for November. Enjoy the drone edit.


The drone has definitely allowed us to "fly" where we couldn't before. A wonderful sight! Thanks for sharing @mcsvi

Hello Hello!

I love!!!! The technology is amazing, the view is great ♡♡♡

Greetings from Venezuela

Excellent work of experience. Truly said it is like a Hollywood movie clip.

Wow it was breathtaking! Very nice shooting and editing. It was quite windy in the end I see :)

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Great footage! There were parts of the landscape that look like a moon land :) I really liked that sunrise/sunset in the middle of the video.. Oh, and that end is epic! I guess it's not very comfortable when the wind brings so much sand to your bare legs :D

Thank you for sharing! It was a fun video :)

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