Remembering Banavasi Tour of December 2019 - Pre Covid times (Part 1)

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Green scenic view from Chandra Guppi Hill top where Renuka Amba Devi Temple is located

(A pleasure to rewind back and jot down this article on Banavasi Town. Now, travel for pleasure may not be possible for me this year, it’s Covid-19 hot times after all.)

Simple and Green Banavasi - An enchanting heritage Town

Early morning walks are sweet at Banavasi Town to experience its blissful tranquil essence

Banavasi, is an charming ancient town, located 23 kms from Sirsi, in the Western Ghats region of Karnataka. The town is blessed with greeny surrounded by beautiful trees and paddy fields. There is evidence that from ancient times that Banavasi has been marveled by people, for it’s natural beauty that enchanted them.

Early morning walk on the Banavasi - Pampa Vana

This Town has been featured in writings and poems of various eminent Indian and foreign poets and scholars of bygone eras - Chamarasa,Kalidasa, Karnataka’s first poet Pampa, Greco-Roman writer Ptolemy and Persian scholar Alberuni.

Banvasi has a glorious history being ancient Karnataka’s capital in the 4th Century when Karnataka was ruled by the Kadamba Dynasty. Those days, Banavasi had it’s natural forest terrain with flowing Varada river that complimented the Town with it’s mesmerizing natural beauty, no wonder it had many kingdoms govern it, from Chalukyas, Hoysalas, Sonda and Vijayanagara dynasties.

Enjoying Nature - sunset time at Gudnapur from the terrain of Veerbhadreshwar temple

Today’s Banavasi may not have it’s earlier flowing Varada river and its original forest terrain, however, still Banavasi is a lovely destination to visit.

Pleasant times to be had here, with sweet greenery, simplicity, generosity of the people. Banavasi, has something for nature lovers, pilgrimage enthusiasts, leisure travellers longing for relaxation and adventurous travellers looking for a break from the usual mundane, nature devoit life at Cities. There is a rustic element in Banavasi, which makes the stay there different and unique. The Town’s peaceful, tranquil essence adds an enchanting charmful aura to Banavasi.
Early morning walk in the quite tree filled roads of Banavasi Town

Sightseeing spots at Banavasi

The first site you would be told to visit at Banavasi is the Town’s famous Madhukeshwara Temple that showcases the rich and diverse Heritage legacy of Banavasi. There are architectural and craftful attractions here.

The premises of Banavasi's main Heritage temple - Madhukeshwara Temple

Gudnapur’s Bangareshwara lake and Bangareshwara Temple

Bangareshwara lake's surroundings from the submerged Bangareshwara Temple

Gundanapur’s special Bangareshwara lake is a rejuvenated lake. Situated here is Bangareshwara temple, to explore which you have to navigate water for the temple is underneath water.

The Bangareshwara temple from the last steps leading into the temple

It’s a great spot to enjoy the scenic beautiful surroundings of the Bangareshwara lake, with views of tree decorated hill mounts.

Gudnapur’s Veerbhadreshwar temple

Heritage of Gudnapur - ruins of Veerbhadreshwar temple

An ancient site with ruins of the Veerbhadreshwar temple, surrounded by a scenic atmosphere giving a nice view of Gudnapur lake. This spot is perfect to experience and behold the spectacle of a marvelous sunset.

Sunset at Gudnapur lake, viewpoint Veerbhadreshwar temple premises

  1. Renuka Amba Devi temple will delight Nature lovers and those with an adventurous spirit besides temple explorers, as it is situated at a height surrounded by a diverse treasure trove of trees with Natural rocks.

Renuka Amma Devi temple on top of Chandra Guppi Hill top - view from below when hiking up to the spot

More adventure and ecological exploration awaits after hiking up the Chandra Guppi Hill top

  1. Refreshing morning walks and Varada river

Must experience early morning glory of Banavasi

Early morning walks would be great to experience the green terrain of Banavasi, with the sweet warmth of the sun behind you and the refreshing morning atmosphere.

The place has its own Varada river, although it resembles a pond now, it’s surroundings around a neat greeny mud terrain path provides for an interesting and curious exploration. There is still some beauty about the river surroundings too with greeny, perhaps you can spot a few interesting birds if you spend more of your early morning times here.

Warda River of Banavasi Town

Don’t forget to enjoy Banvasi’s delicious juicy Pineapples!!


Besides these places to checkout at Banavasi, you can enjoy lovely juicy pineapples sold at stalls outside the Madhukeshwara Temple campus. There are also stalls selling some attractive accessories for ladies - bangles, earlings, other cool imitation jewelry, hair clips and such small interesting items. However, there are even more unique things to shop at Banavasi.

Vanavasika Tourist Home - A comforble Homestay at Banavasi Town


End of my introductory write up on Banvasi. My next write up would feature all the places I have sightseen at Banvasi in more detail, starting with my stay time at Vanavasika Tourist Home, the homestay accommodation.

Spacious campus around Vanavasika Tourist Home

My tour arrangements to sight see Banavasi were arranged by Vanavasika Tourist Home. I am quite content with their arrangements done for guests with good homemade food, comfortable rooms to stay and transport plus guide arrangements made to have tourists enjoy Banavasi.