A Ecological Journey in Banavasi exploration the Chandra Guppi Hill

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Last time we explored Banavasi’s famous Madhukeshwara temple. Now, we traverse more of Banavasi Town, proceeding to tour Chandra Guppi hill, where Renuka Amba Devi temple is situated.

My introductory post on Banavasi will show readers all that this town has to offer with a brief summary of sightseeing spots given, please read it too, as this is a continuing article of the post.

The rock structured evergreen temple visible from below as we climb the Chandra Guppi Hill


Renuka Amba Devi Temple located on top of a hill called Chandra Guppi, makes a perfect place for an ecological Tour.

rkrk 1.jpg
The entrance area to the Chandra Guppi Hill

The landscape here is dotted with very unique tree species. The temple is visible from below, as a prominent natural rock embraced structure that’s surrounded by green cover, giving a refreshing, evergreen, natural look.

Hiking to the Chandra Guppi Hill very base point

An exciting climb takes you to the temple region, midway there are trees to greet you, most of them are of an interesting and distinct species having very indispensable use cases.

Awesome views from below and while climbing up the hill

Like most Indian temples, a flight of stairs requires to be climbed to reach the temple spot.

Stairway to the Renuka Amba Devi temple point up the Chandra Guppi Hill

The climb would provide you nice views of the ground terrain and expect tame encounters with these usual monkeys that hang around tree rich hill spots.


As you reach the temple point, one can admire the view from the top showing one a bird’s eye view of the surroundings that is bathed with greenery, sweet!!


Take the opportunity of rewarding yourself with pleasant views from the spot.

Welcome to Chandra Guppi Hill!!

A Exciting Ecological journey awaits you beyond the Renuka Amba Devi temple point


Finally you can get a close up view of those rock structures of the temple.


Surrounding rocks near the Amba Devi temple point

Beyond this temple point, begins a expansive rich terrain with rocky, somewhat grassy mud paths and trees, resembling a forest, this trek exploration will have you encounter many distinctive tree species that have amazing use cases, plus the terrain by itself is thrilling to explore as one experiences the raw charm of wilderness.

Beyond the Renuka Amba Devi temple point - Exploring Wilderness surrounding the Chandra Guppi Hill

As one ventures to explore the wilderness of Chandra Guppi Hill

Expect a stream here here during the rainy times

Forests have a way to sustain themselves naturally - Broken tree will get recycled by Nature and used by the forest ecosystem


Deeper into the terrain of Chandra Guppi Hill


renuka 2.jpg


More natural wonders awaits to be explored with a scenic lake on the way


There is also a lake in the region, part of the grass surroundings around the lake is covered by a pink carpet of flowers.


During the rainy season the lake bed would be filled with water. Even in dry season, the lake surroundings look scenic with a tree mount in front and natural rocks at sides where one can sit with pleasure letting nature’s beauty sink into one’s soul.


A ecologically rich terrain filled with trees with very beneficial use cases


You would be surprised with the amazing use cases of different trees species found here. For instance, there is a tree species called Saagade whose truck can effectively beat out forest fires. There is a type of tree called Kumbhi that has an intoxicating effect for the elephants.


Leaves of a tree species are effective in killing lice. You would also find tree species called the Fair maiden, whose bark skin keeps peeling off, thus the tree looks fair. A particular tree has leaves which locals use as sandpaper polishing wood and sandalwood surfaces. There is also the Shakthi Mara, Red Silk cotton tree, and fig trees among many other tree species found in this region.



Here ends the chapter talking about another sightseeing spot at Banavasi, my next write up will explore the next must see location at Banavasi.