Loosen-up With Me at Malapascua Legend Resort, Malapascua Island!

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Who wouldn’t lose mental tensions by stupendous panoramic views and rumbling sound of the sea? I guess there’s no one. Imagine a place with breathtaking views combined with fresh cozy breeze and a twister sound of angry yet beautiful waves. I just can’t contain how relaxing and destressing it would be. But friends, you don’t have to imagine, Malapascua Island got it all for us. And fortunately, I will take you with my journey through this blog.


Malapascua Island is located at the northern part of Visayas, Philippines. An estimated of a hundred and fifty kilometer ride by land from Cebu City (3-4 hours) and a 30 minute ride by a pumpboat from the port of Maya. You don’t have to get worried for this travel time guys, the place is worth the sacrifice. Well, not necessarily a sacrifice but an adventure.


Upon seeing the place before arrival, there shines the island with its white powdery sand, sparkling bluegreen water and dancing trees together with the rhythm of the wind and waves. I still can remember the eagerness I felt upon witnessing the view.




When we arrived at the Island, we then checked-in at one of the resorts in Malapascua, known for their high class accommodations, facilities and people, the Malapascua Legend Resort and Spa.


I would like to grab this opportunity to thank my friend, the owner of this resort for the awesome accommodation. I will not just be mentioning her name for confidential purposes. But anyways, let me show you the resort.

Front View of the Resort:
The resorts interior and exterior designs are well accented by beautifully carved woods with a touch of pirate themes. As you can see, pirate sculptures are placed in front of the reception area to welcome you with a gentle pirate attitude — “An adventure is coming! Aye aye captain!”.


The Reception Area:
This area is accented with pearly white walls designed by natural shells and again, amazingly carved wood furnitures. Some Chinese lucky charms are also seen in the venue since this resort is owned by a Filipino-Chinese family. I felt so refreshed upon entering in this well-lighted and ventilated area.


The Resto Bar Area:
Who’ll not be pursuaded to chill out in this well-themed resto bar? They serve foods, drinks, some other beverages and more. Gosh! It made me miss this place more, it made me remember our fun drinking sessions and of course, their scrumptious foods.



Pineapple Pancake made my tummy super happy!


Cereal with mixed fruits and milk.


Breakfast Meal: Corned Beef with Scrambled Egg


Breakfast Meal: Longganiza with Scrambled Egg


Grilled Fish with a Filipino Soy Sauce and Spices


DISCLAIMER: They serve a lot of meals and stuffs and but too bad that I was not able to take a photo of them due to excitement. But trust me, they tasted so good. ✌🏻

Photos below are the rooms and facilities of the resort:

When I entered in the resort, this view welcomed me. Just look how pleasing and invigorating this place is.



Guest rooms are just located at the side of their pool setting as villas and a few meters of walk, then you can reach the beaches. What more can you ask for friends? 😊



Native rooms are also available. Of course, these rooms have lower rates but I would also like to recommend these rooms since they might look native but these rooms also have luxurious equipment. The photo below shows the building where the spa is located, they offer hourly rate body massage and spa. Shown also is the bar of the pool and the area where lot of people do sun bathing.


We occupied a presidential room. Photo below shows the welcoming view of the room upon entering it.


These were the beds inside the room.


These are the equipments that we can freely use upon availing the room.


And my favorite part of the room? The terrace!


The room’s terrace has its own rocking chairs and a chilling table.


The photo shows the panoramic view we can witness from the terrace.


There are ratan or fiber chairs and tables that are placed at the beach front of the resort for the guests to unwind in beaches.


They also have some area for sun bathing at the beach front. Cool, right?



But wait, there’s more friends! 😊 Travelling is more adventurous if you get out of the box. Many tour guides are available in the island for you to witness the unravelling beauty of Malapascua Island. You already attested the calm side of the island, let’s see some more gutsy activities in this small but terrible place.

Island tour will be made possible by riding a pumpboat around the island, but due to some weather conditions, we decided to take motorcycle ride around the island. This motorcycle ride costs 100 pesos per head only for the whole tour.

I took a shot of my friends riding at the other motorcycle, you can really tell that we’re enjoying.


Our first stop in our island tour:
We were not just amazed by the strong waves and sea breeze but also with the view of the area. Locals call this place ”langob” or cave in English because at the side of the area, there are caves along the sea shore.




Our second stop:
The cliff diving area. We again rode the motorcycle and after several minutes, more or less 8 minutes, we took a short trekking to get to the cliff. There is an entrance fee to get inside the gate of the cliff worth 25 pesos per person only. I was left in awe while taking a moment with the view.







Our third stop:
The light house tower of Malapascua. From the cliff diving area, we took a short ride again and a 10 minute trekking. There we witnessed the tall, white and breathtaking beauty of the island’s tower. And of course, the experience wouldn’t be completed without a photo with the tower.


After the third stop, ‘though there are still a lot of places to be visited in the island, we decided to go back to the resort we were staying because of the storm. But throughout it all, we really enjoyed the experience.

In my overall vacation in Malapascua, I am very determined to go back there and invite you guys for more adventures. Mother nature’s beauty is really beyond compare. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Don’t forget to comment your insights, upvote and resteem guys. ‘Til next exploration! Toodles from @mosheheart! 😘


Ganda bessy! Mga how much ba ang budget dyan? :)

Hahaha Thank you bes! 😊 Budget? Depende kung ilang days pero d aabot 5k, fights na. 😊

very nice place.
sadly i never get the opportunity to go malapascua. I'd like to swim with the whales

There are no whales in Malapascua. But diving is also a trend there. You can swim with the sleeping thresher sharks.

@mosheheart beautiful write up wonderful photos and a very sexy model what can be asked more? Belissima

Thank you @gratefulayn ! 😊 Thanks for dropping by.

Very nice place @mosheheart! Btw you have resemblance of kathryn bernardo. 😊

Thank you @appleskie ! :) Haha That’s flattering. 😍 Followed you.

ganda ng dagat... kailangan idagdag sa bucket list! Thanks for sharing. :D

Looks like a great place to visit. Added to my bucket list! Thanks for sharing.

No worries! 😊 @cloh76

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