One of the Most Worthful Decisions in Spending my ₱1,780($33) in Bantayan Island!

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Hello co-steemians! It’s been a while since I last posted something about my entirety. How are you? Well, me? I’m enjoying my life the best way that I could and I can’t wait to share it all with you, my friends!


For now, I’d like to tell you one of the best decisions I made in spending a li’l amount of money. For just an amount of ₱1780 or 33 USD, I spent 3 days and 2 nights with mother nature adventurously and happily with full of tranquility. And I am very eager to start sharing it to you!


Bantayan Island particularly in the Municipality of Sta. Fe is at the northern part of Cebu Province in the Philippines. It’s one of the 7,107 islands in our country with pure beaut and full of adventure.


As a wise traveler I availed a package worth only ₱1,780 with lots of inclusions. It already includes my accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights in Edsan Apartment not to mention it’s very hospitable owner, island hopping, and I was able to take a tour to 5 of the most well-known tourist stops in Sta. Fe. Yes, the package is so cheap and very worth it!

Let me share to you my activities!

On the first day, when we touched down at the Island, we were picked up by the driver of the Edsan Apartment at Sta. Fe port. When we arrive at the apartment, we were really amazed by the very hospitable owner of the apartment and the place is way nicer than we expected. The place is cozy and will serve as a second home to the guests during their staycation in the island.


Two hours after we took a rest from the wavy travel, we then started to explore the island. On our itinerary, Land Tour is on the top of the list. We visited 5 of the well-known places in the island. This tourist stops are the following:

Ogtong Cave
This cave is known with its cool blue waters located inside a resort. The place has a variety of depths inside so it was also a kind of adventure. With only an amount of ₱200.00 per head, anyone can enjoy swimming in the cave ‘til 4 o’clock in the afternoon.


Cliff Diving by the Ruins
This tourist stopover will give you a jawdropping feels by its view and adventure. This place is called “Cliff Diving by the Ruins” because of the cliffs located near a house ruined by a storm years ago and unexpectedly, this got into people’s trends. And guess what? Feel free to visit the place, it’s free and open to everyone!


Paradise Beach
If you’re finding a spot where you want to escape in a human world, I would highly recommend you here. The place is so peaceful where all you can hear is the sound of the beautiful waves crashing over a powder-white sand. No people around! Just you and your colleagues. This place has an entrance fee of only ₱50.00 per head. And all of you can stay here until 5 o’clock in the afternoon.


Mangrove Paradise
Nature preservation is a highlight of this place. The locals of Sta. Fe made a living while preserving the nature. While planting and preserving mangroves, people of Sta. Fe built bamboo paths around the forest and made it more likely of a park where you can stroll around the mangrove forests and witness a breath-taking sunset. And the entrance fee of this paradise is only ₱50.00 per head. The fee is divided to help the preservation of the trees and to help the daily living of the locals.


Kota Beach Resort
A beach resort located just at the center of the municipality. White sand beachfront, with beautiful blue waves, and FRIENDLY PEOPLE! Entrance fee is free on this cite.


On the second day, our itinerary said “Island Hopping”. We got to visit two of the astonishing islands surrounding Bantayan Island! Boatmen, pumpboat and safety gears are already included in the package. See the beauty of the islands below. 👇🏼

Virgin Island

Hilantagaan Island

It is our third day in the island and the itinerary stated that we should feel free to explore and discover the wonders of the island ourselves. So, we rented a bicycle (₱100/day) & motorbike (₱300/day) and helped ourselves out!



As you can see, pictures are quite limited. The island left our minds flying that taking pictures has almost forgotten. Experience and see how fulfilled I am to have wandering in this place. Message me for more tips if you wish to travel here and let me know what do you think about this blog! OR visit this travel page in Facebook named “Johanna Francisco Travel Package”.

Note: Photos are originally mine and are used for a travel page owned by Johanna Francisco.



Good to have you back @mosheheart! What a great place to unwind and relax, I 'll be adding this to my bucket list, it is cheap yet satisfying. Thanks for sharing this to us. Maybe you can give me some VIP vouchers haha lol

Hahahaha the agent will decide for that vouchers @dwaeji-aizelle :D But anyway, thank you for welcoming and reading this!

Awesome post, pls share the details of how you availed the lackage, if you dont mind.

Thank you.

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Hello! :) To avail the package please message Johanna Marie Francisco on fb messenger. Thank you! :)

Great travel mosh! I was wondering if as a friend, I could book good for two? Haha

Of course, Jass! To book and reserve just message Johanna directly. Maybe you can have a discount. 😊

Awesome, thank you.

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Wow that’s some epic experience for only 33 bucks! I could do with a holiday like that, come on BTC if it can moon to an ath again I’m all for the Philippines

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Looking forward for your visit in the Ph @chekohler! :)

Nice to see you again here at Steemit bes @mosheheart. 😊 As always, lovely photos and a very detailed blog, makes me want to visit that island soon! 😍

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Thank you bes! :) Visit and avail the package bes. No regrets talaga.

matry nga, last July andyan ako bes. Sabihan kita pag pupunta ulit ako sa Cebu. :)

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Just discovered your blog via @steemph Travel Sunday and this post is indeed worthy of a feature. Hoping to see more of your posts soon. 👍

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