How to Become a Smart Traveler   With simple steps

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The means of travel today are travel by car, plane, train or by ship. Each of these means is different from the other and we must be aware of the means by which we will choose to travel. In this article I will discuss travel trips that take you to other countries. I've written about traveling before, but I think this is the right time to write about it again.

First: The validity of the passport
Make sure that more than six months have elapsed since your passport expires and that there are enough blank pages to stamp your customs. If you are sure of this copy of your passport, put one of the copies with your family or a trusted friend. When you arrive in the foreign country and after you have customs, put your passport in the hotel, because it is safer and take your passport with you

Second: Know the customs of the country of travel
Do not bounce clothes that catch your attention as if you're screaming, "I'm a tourist." Respect the traditions of the country you visit, and remember that they are your country and not your country. Do not wear shiny jewelry and do not afford expensive expensive cameras. These days, smart phones can take great pictures. When talking about smart phones, carry your phone with you everywhere. Keep a small cash in your wallet. If you want to use the bank card, make sure that the card is new and kept with you all the time and do not use the credit card.

Third: the security of the way back
Before leaving the hotel, ask for a business card from the receptionist explaining the address of the hotel in the language of the country in which you are located. You can take advantage of this card by showing it to the taxi driver or to anyone else if you want to return to the hotel you live in.

Fourth: Ask yourself Do I feel comfortable?
If you are uncomfortable with recent events in the country you want to travel to, do not go to that country or if you are there, do not leave the hotel. And if you have come out be alert wherever you are, and again if you feel uncomfortable leave the state. In other words, listen to what your heart says.

Fifth: The road to the airport
You have to get to the airport before the time limit so you can have plenty of time, especially if you are traveling on an international flight.

Sixth: Travel by ship
If you are thinking of traveling aboard the ship do not make the relative safety and quietness of the ship feel you are in complete safety. And if you want to take a tour on board it is better to choose the tours organized by the ship. Yes they are expensive; but the lines-always-have a sort of order.