London invites you to spend some fun time

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London is an interesting city, a thrilling mix of characters, you should visit this distinguished city at least once. Do not allow the popular title of being "one of the most expensive cities in the world" to dissuade you from losing London. There are many activities you can do without emptying your wallet. The city, which is famous for its jovial atmosphere, is full of free activities - especially in cultural monuments. Here are 10 ways to enjoy this vibrant city:

  1. Contemplate history
    Most London museums are open to the public free of charge and are numerous. Do not miss seeing the Museum of Natural History and the London Museum to see a comprehensive exhibition and a synthesis of local history and culture. If you do not have the "Museum Overwork" syndrome, go to the Science Museum, the Hornemann Museum, the Jeffrey Museum and the British Museum.

  2. Enjoy city views
    The views are always free, unlike what real estate sellers might tell you. You can see the River Thames and famous sights such as Big Ben and Westminster Abbey from several angles and at different times without paying a penny. You can get the most beautiful view of Big Ben when you cross Westminster Bridge to Parliament on the opposite side of the River Thames. The full appearance of the building with the clock is truly majestic, especially with the view of the ships in the river.

  3. Tasting art
    See the works of Francis Bacon at the Tate Modern Museum or enjoy the works of 1500 artists at the Tate Britain Museum. You should also visit exhibitions in the British capital, as well as other prominent places such as the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and the White Cube.

  4. Look for greenery
    Visit one of London's Royal Gardens, where carefully landscaped plants offer a wonderful view of the nature of singing, to enjoy more beautiful views of the city. Regent Park and St. James Park Gardens offer stunning views of the Palace and Big Ben. While Hyde Park hosts the famous Diana Memorial Fountain and Peter Pan Sculpture.

  5. Shop in the street
    Portobello Market, Spitalfields Market, Boro Market, Camden Marketo Bermondsi Antiques Market (6 am to noon). Colombia Market for Flowers (Sunday morning only) as well as Brick Lane Market (Sunday only) are a few names from many shopping streets in London. Wake up early for a visit to the Bermondsey Antiques Market, where 500 kiosks are on weekends, or walk along the exciting Portobello Street (part of the Notting Hill area famed for actor Hugh Grant). Do not miss Boro Market and Spitalfields Market if you are a food lover.

  6. Buy tea
    Well, it's not free. But can you actually live the experience of London - and the UK in general - without stopping to eat a cup of tea? British tea is rarely served without a delicious piece of sweetness that fills the stomach. Tea in London is a small meal. Of course you can find a cafe in every corner of the city, all you have to do is choose the place you prefer. With excellent choices for the role of tea, the task will not be easy!

  7. Enjoy free music
    You can listen to jazz at the Royal Festival Hall in the South Bank every Friday at 5:15. You can also watch free concerts at the St. Martin in the Field lunch break and the Royal Opera House.

  8. Enjoy the countryside in the heart of the city
    Medchout Park & ​​Farm is a place where people feel as if they have left the capital and are in the heart of the countryside, even though they are part of London. Is an animal farm and a public park run by volunteers. Located in the Isle of Dogs in the Docklands. The city's residents can visit the farm for free, and can stroll around, stroll or eat in the open air. They can also see animals in the farmyard or participate in many activities organized there. The farm also has an equestrian center where horseback riding enthusiasts can learn equestrian at good prices.

  9. Enjoy the street arts
    The English have a long and solid relationship with the theater, they are the ones who gave us Shakespeare. You can see live shows on the streets of London for free (but the figures are of course welcome). Visit the Western Pavillion at the Covent Garden Market, where the offers attract large crowds due to the skill of the artists. It is not possible for any artist to make offers in this place before presenting it to a committee and obtaining a special license first.

  10. Switch guard
    In the end, no visit to this city is complete without watching the guards change at Buckingham Palace. Yes, these men with expressionless faces are a British institution in and of themselves. You can see the ceremony every day at 11:30 am from May to July, and alternate days in the rest of the year.