The Turkish Salt Lake attracts tourists and physiotherapists

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The salt lake in Turkey's central province of Akshrai attracts local and foreign tourists to enjoy its salt-covered floor, after much of the water has dried up as summer temperatures rise.
There is a belief among visitors that there are many health benefits to the salt and silt of the lake and its water, because it contains many different types of minerals. The lake is located on the Istanbul-Ankara highway, near a break for those who use the road to reach Cappadocia and take advantage of the rest of the lake.
The lake, the second largest in Turkey, "is a bird's paradise, covers a large part of Turkey's salt needs, and contains minerals with healing capabilities
Lake water recedes in July and August each year as temperatures rise, making it possible to walk on its salt-covered floor. Adding that the lake's water, silt and salt contain 22 different kinds of minerals, and walking on the salt with bare feet helps to reduce stress and relieve the pressures of life.
In addition, there are a number of cosmetics and health, made from materials extracted from the lake, and is growing increasingly day after day.