Tourism in Singapore

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Singapore is one of the most important tourist countries in the world, which is visited by tourists from all over the world, because of the many tourist attractions that attract tourists, and it combines the race and culture, Singapore has long been considered a long-standing business center in South East Asia. Singapore is a major shopping destination located on Bustan Street, where there are many hotels that offer exceptional services to tourists.
Tourism in Singapore
The Singapore Zoo: The Singapore Zoo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Singapore, especially the families with which it brings its children. Of animals of all kinds, especially rare and unusual animals, it is a place suitable for children, so they can see new types of animals they have not seen before, and there are many activities in this garden that children can play such as playing in the water, playing in the Pat in them and other fun and entertaining activities.
Singapore Botanic Gardens: Located in the center of the city, just off Glen Eagler Hospital, these gardens feature a wide variety of diverse plants and occupy a vast area of about sixty-four acres. Through this park, the tourist can see many landscapes And the beautiful green trees. It is characterized by the presence of a lake, especially the Pelican. The park contains different types of hybrid plants, which are found in fruit orchards ranging from 1000_2000 species
The Quay and the Clark Quay: This sidewalk is characterized by a large number of restaurants, bars and clubs, this place where the various activities, so it is one of the most crowded and mixing, and the loud sounds of music to jazz, and the presence of different lights and mixed with each other, The most visited groups are couples and lovers who wish to have a sumptuous dinner with a romantic ambience.
The National Museum of Singapore The Museum of Singapore is one of the most important and oldest museums in Singapore. It is characterized by a variety of cultural and heritage activities, as well as exhibitions and other arts. The museum is two buildings Parallel to the shape of a rectangle, and features a dome in its front, this museum was designed in the Renaissance






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