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RE: Bangkok Day 2: Longboat Ride, Wat Arun, Khao Sahn Rd, and Learning the Scams of Thailand

in #travel4 years ago

Brandon! Another cool picture of tasty I don't blame you I wouldn't eat them either...but you totally should, I want you to do it. lol I bet if you film it and slap that baby on Youtube or Dtube, it will probably do I know I will watch it! LOL Anyways sorry to hear about the scams. It happened to me all the time in the Philippines. But after I learned Tagalog, it was much harder for me to get scammed. But then again I wasn't really a tourist there either I was living there, so I go the hang of it after awhile. haha As always cool update post and great pictures!


Lol, I know. I feel somehow obligated to try them.. but... nah. 😂 We were actually going to go to the Philippines but somehow our plans got diverted to Malaysia for a day. So we'll just have to wait and see what they have to offer in the way of swindlers. hahah

Ummm yeah nah! I won't blame you one bit for not trying them. I wouldn't! LOL Have a great week this week! Eat amazing food and see amazing sites! lol

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