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RE: Eating beetles and bugs in Chiang Mai, Oh My!

in #travel4 years ago

Haha, It Sounds weird for me because I never experience eating beetles.

That's quite interesting. haha

We could hear the crunch, crunch crunch then swallow. Corine had her hand over her mouth, looking like she would cry. I prayed she would, so I wouldn't be the only one in tears

By the way, All of you look cool in the pictures. Chiang Mai seems to be a cool place.

Always keep unite and happy all of you. Best wishes from me.


LOL - it's a fantastic place to visit. But eating the bugs was a little strange for us. Thais are a wonderful people.

Glad to hear @hitwill.

From the picture, the place looks cool and I like to visit the place like Chiang Mai in the future because it looks like an engaging environment and a great community.

Best of luck.