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Hi, everyone today I want to share my experience when I visit SEA VIEW KARACHI PAKISTAN when me and my university friends after tiring lectures we decided to go for some mind relax place which I prefer is sea view and i probably visit this place once in a month so it's really important and exciting place for me.

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This is my colleague's name Noman Haseeb Saqlain and Tayyab and all of us were doing Electronic Engineering from IQRA UNIVERSITY except Tayyab which is newly admission and doing BBA with the same university.

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This place is very beautiful and people always enjoy this place usually couples are here for spent their precious time but at the weekend there are a lot of people from all over the world who are here.

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We start our journey on the motorbike and it takes 45 minutes to reach the sea view from our University So after over the classes we go here and enjoy the view of this beautiful place and the travel will dramatically end after the emergency call fro Tayyab DAD.
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If you are in Karachi I recommend you to visit this place.
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