You will NOT like this video (Monkey attacks me!)

in #travel3 years ago (edited)

(that damn monkey attacked me at 7:02 by the way)

Now you're here lets find out! I'd like to share my experience in Thailand with you fellow Steemians. (sorry for clickbait btw) <3

For me this trip was the most awesome experience I had in my life.

So i'd like to encourge you guys to go to Thailand aswell!

I hope you enjoy, let me know what your thoughts are in the comments!

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Good post thank you :) I followed you follow me

Hey @terence, wasn't clickbait. It was similar to an attack. A friendly one ;)

Great video and btw do those monkeys worry you in case of disease ? Just wondering.

Thanks and Following you now :)

P.S. Congrats on the success of recent videos...keep it going :)

Hello @robertandrew I was a little worried at the time but I only had a scratch on my arm from one monkey. The one that jumped to my neck I could fend off! Haha it was quiet exciting!

Have a great day!

(that damn monkey attacked me at 7:02 by the way)

😂...i'm so sorry bro... I think he likes you

It could have been an expression of love.. ;)

I couldn't agree with you more 🙌

I'm sorry but i think they are so cute ^^

They are! Untill they attack you!

wow that looked so fun, awesome video m8

It was super fun for sure!

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