The Importance of Travelling

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From time immemorial, man has a great thirst for knowledge. He always wants to see the unseen and know the unknown. A man has indomitable spirit to explore the region of knowledge which is beyond his reach. History tells us that man is eager to quench his thirst for knowledge by travelling.


Thus man wants to go out and see great cities. mountains. lakes, rivers, seas, deserts etc. He also wants to know different nations, their manners, customs, and religion. Again today, he may want to do business with people of other countries. Sometimes, he may want to get rid of dullness and monotony by going out for a travel. So we see that some people travel for pleasure, some for education and knowledge and some others for business. Travelling, no doubt, enriches our knowledge and broadens our outlook.


In ancient time, travelling was difficult and hazardous. It was full of perils and hurdles. Then travellers had to suffer a lot for want of conveyance and communication facilities. Travellers like Ibne Batuta, Hiuen Tsang, Marco Polo had to face serious troubles in their journeys. But their indomitable spirit and unquenchable thirst for knowledge could not resist them from travelling. We find this spirit in the legendary character Ulysses of poet Alfred Tennyson uttering his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and indomitable spirit for travelling: I cannot rest from travel, I will drink life to the lees.


Nowadays travelling has become much easier. The inventions of modern science have made t cheaper, quicker and more pleasant. It has now become possible to travel a long distance within a short time. Travelling is of great value and importance. Education, in true sense of the term, may be made perfect only by travelling. Secondly 1t helps us to realise the vastness creation of the creator. The world is full of so many wonders and mysteries that lie scattered all over the world. A visit to some of these places will give us an idea about God's creation. Moreover, travelling ensures better understanding between nations. It helps us to know various nations closely and to be friendly with them. Thus travelling plays a positive role in establishing and upholding the world peace which is the crying need of the present world.


As the benefits of travelling are many, we should try to go on travels to the best of our capabilities. Educational institutions of our country should attach much importance in this regard and should come tours to various places of importance home and abroad forward to provide greater facilities to their students to undertake tours to various places of importance home and abroad.

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