9 amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites in Russia you must check out

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Here comes my second published work, this one I wrote on the assignment for Matador Network, titled exactly as this very post.


Enjoy reading the article:
9 amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites in Russia you must check out

I consider it a major success in a start of the career of travel-journalism as not only it's an important milestone and addition to the portfolio, I also scored another assignment which means the third one is coming soon. Although, if they don't release it before 6th of July (or if I fail it), the third one is going to be in the

In The Know Traveler magazine.

Speaking of milestones, it seems my following on steemit reached the first thousand, that's also pretty cool, but it's mostly bots, of course. We all know that steem following is fake and gay, right?

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9 amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites in Russia you must check out


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Congratulations @nameless-berk for your second published work ... And this article "9 amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites in Russia you must check out", the truth, that masterfully introduces us to this enormous and magical country as it is Russia; which is usually known in distant lands as the largest country in territorial extension, but few stop to review how great is its cultural, natural and architectural wealth.
In short, the nine sites turn out to be spectacular, calling my particular attention "The Altai Mountains", which as we saw in one of your previous posts ("Mother Nature - a Siberian Mountain Lake"), shelters on its summits the mountain lake "Nizhneye Mul'tinskoye" (near the city of Multa).
Thank you very much for keeping us informed, through Steemit, of the articles that you will be publishing little by little.
Encased in red pencil "Wrangel Island" and in blue pencil the "Lake Baikal" ...


so beautiful place.
agree with you dear.

A fine example of "fake and gay' part, this one

Great places to explore and some great information along you shared thanks for sharing it with us all :)

So fake

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