My first Magazine Publication, the first "Success"

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I'm writing this post for the sake of bragging and to officially proclaim myself a travel-journalist

Since all my capital went up in flames along with the falling market, I'm trying to find a source of revenue to prolong my misery a bit. What should a guy do after he loses everything he had? Work on my hated specialty again? Not if I can help it. These days I'm trying to start a career of writing - not just posting shit on always failing steemit or whatever, but the real writing for web and print publications as an author of articles.

And let me make it clear - that's not easy without the fitting experience, or education, or portfolio. Still, I seem to have made the first step in the right direction, which also is the hardest one. That step is to get your first publication. In my case, it's not yet in print, but an online magazine. Sure I didn't get any money. Or much exposure. But it is still a ray of light in the deep black pit of pain and desperation which is my life right now. I do not overstate it, the loss of money is the mere background of the entire life falling apart. Fuck this year. Fuck crypto, fuck steemit and fuck me specifically for being foolish enough to actually trap my funds in this crap. Don't try it at home, kids.

Anyway, enough whining, here's the focal point of this post:

Not a fancy look, I know, but you gotta start somewhere, ain't ya?

It's a rewritten cleaned up version of the story about my rather unusual trip to Haiti. It's way better than the poorly written post that I used to be proud of before. In case you've got nothing better to do with you time in the next 5 minutes, give a shot to my first entry of the official portfolio.

There will be more to it, the editor of this magazine seemed to like my other works and there is another publication for In The Know Traveler scheduled for July 6th. It's about the Tatacoa Desert in Colombia, which haven't made it to this blog yet. This time I seem to be getting my first 10 bucks for the trouble, what a mind-blowing success, isn't it?

The editor of Bootsnall also have accepted a story of mine, but is slow to actually publish it yet. We'll see how it goes. Given time I might get enough skill and proven experience to make it to big magz, with the actual money behind it, but for now I have yet to get there. Probably not gonna happen, but I don't really care.

Well, that's about it, you're free to leave another empty comment below, in hopes for an 0.01$ upvote and proceed to the next post to do the same.

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Well my dear @ nameless-berk, my most sincere congratulations for this incredible publication in this online magazine "Travelmag" ... This trip you made to Haiti and the history that you gathered, for me, is one of the most impressive that I could read because it presents in a clear and crude way, the real situation that people live in that country. I am convinced that apart from "In The Know Traveler" and "Bootsnall", you will get new publishing opportunities, because you have the most important raw material: the direct experience you have had and that you will continue to have with the people, their traditions and their problems.

And on the other hand, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" and to look for new opportunities and for that reason I also congratulate you because you have assumed the correct attitude, looking for other growth alternatives.


I read Your amazing story in one breath. I'm not a journalist or a photographer, but the way you presented this story is cool. I really enjoyed it. I regret that the weight of my voice is very small because such stories have to be evaluated much more. You are a good storyteller and it was interesting to read Your story. I don't know if you've posted this post here on Steemit, but I want this magazine to appreciate your work. I'll be returning To your blog to read your other stories and see some interesting photos. Thank you! (sorry for grammar mistakes, but English is not my native language )

Well you certainly can recover your SP for a bigger vote. And my native language is actually the same as yours.

Many congratulations on this great achievement keep chasing your dreams :) all the best