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RE: ADSactly Travel - The Party Train, Trip to Ljubljana - Part I

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I'm from Venezuela, but the first time I read about Ljubljana was through a novel, which I love and is one of my favorite contemporary Venezuelan novels written by a young writer named José Sánchez Rugueles. I remember that the description of the landscape, the squares, the structures, the sculptures, seemed so beautiful to me but at the same time so distant. I remember that the protagonist couple met for the first time in El puente de los dragones, because when she was a child, he promised her that he would take her to Ljubljana and they would love each other there. So to find myself with this walk is for me a truly incredible experience. I enjoyed it as if I were on that train with you. I like that you give details, that you stop at things, even if they are insignificant. I don't remember the last time I drank at 8 in the morning, but it was a long time ago because I don't remember it anymore. I think there are things that you stop doing not because you don't want to, but because you don't have time. In particular, I'm a person who loves to travel, but right now I can't do it, so I enjoy seeing photos and reading other people's trips. I've seen that it's the first part, so I'll look forward to the second. Thank you for sharing your experiences and @adsactly for publishing such excellent material.


El puente de los dragones,
that is exactly the name of the bridge. I wrote something about it in the second part of the story.
Thanks a lot Nancy for such a detailed comment.