We're All Going to DIE

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I have this weird feeling lately like the end is coming soon for all of us. The big one. The war to end all wars. I just can't shake it. I know it's not rational or logical even in spite of the mass violence around the world. I am convinced that even the power brokers that deal in misinformation, wage slavery, and manipulation through food and medicine manufacture don't want widespread destruction because it would mean the end of their own kingdoms.


I believe with my whole heart that 99.999% of us want peace above all else. But I still can't shake this feeling.

Maybe I've been watching too much political news, studying too much what's happening in Syria, reading too many fucked up stories from around the world. My mind is drawn to films like World War Z and I am Legend, and games like Fallout Shelter. I feel this sense of urgency to learn as much survivalism as I can before it's too late. Where is this fear coming from?

I suppose I've been idle too long. The freedom of the road creates a sense of security in me that I've never felt before. But just a few short months in this land of tax cows has put some kind of fucked up energy into me that I just can't shake. So I've determined to do something about it.

I'm going to Colorado in a couple of days. Not just Colorado but Crestone Colorado, the "spiritual center of the United States." I realized today that my morning meditation hasn't been a priority for me in some time and I think that that is at the center of all this bullshit swirling in my head. So, beginning Monday, I'm returning to my daily practice of One Hour Of Silence at the beginning of every day, fuck the world until it's done.

What about you? Do you have a daily practice that calms and centers you? Do you meditate? Do you ever ponder your own death? How do you deal with all the bullshit in the world that's out of your control?


Bro! you need to come back to Lobitos to see its just beggining hihihihi I deal with all surfing, painting and playing music! Doing activities that keeps me present and trying to being humble and grateful of life! :D

I know homie. Keep doing what you do! I'm glad you're on steemit

yoga and journaling every morning

word. Do you keep a dream journal?

No... I should

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