Beaches, women, surfing - CANARY ISLANDS!

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This is fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands.
Today I would like to present you the place where I travel for three years now.

I'm visiting Fuerteventura because I love surfing and also because the nature is incredible!!! You can not believe that you have on the same spot: Desert, Oasis, Surfing Waves, Volcanoes....And of course the crystal clear sea!

This picture of me is taken on the longest beach on fuerteventura!

I will show you the video of the surf school where we go every year and a few pictures I made when I was on fuerteventura !

My friend Polona and me!

Here we're feeding some kind of squirrel... those animals are everywhere!


With this car we went every day surfing :-)

Here we are ready for surfing!

Look at the sunset! This is amazing!

Here is video of manawai surf school, where we go every year!

Hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions I'll be more than happy to answer!

Next post I'll make it about Greece! So if you're interesting please follow me.

Nena :-)


Great @nenakrizman ... i like you post.. followed.. hope you to follow me .. keep steeming

It's a wonderful place. I love your photos. 😊

Yes, it really is wonderful place! Interesting about Fuerteventura is that you can not feel the stress because everything is moving so slowly .... it's amazing! And people are just so nice ....
Thank you for the compliments :-)

Looks like a blast.
Is this a holiday or where you live?

This is just a holiday....Oh, it would be great if I lived on Fuerte :-) haha
But I made a post also about my can check it out here: Beauty of Slovenia
Also very beautiful country.... :-)

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Beautiful is Canary Islands.Very cute squirrel and great sunset.I follow you.Upvote me ! Thank you

Thank you for the comment! I just followed you!

Beautiful scenery, stunning photoes, thanks for sharing :) #keepsteemin

Thank you for comment! :-)
Please follow me if you wanna see other posts about beautiful places that I've been at.
The next post will be about Greece! :-)

and if im not interesting :P?
JK - awesome pics!

See, you just made me laugh, so I followed you :-D
Thank you for the comment ;-)

Let's go on holiday aceh sabang island. Fine out on google, and discover the beauty of the coast and the underwater is incredible

Thank you @owner99! I'll check it up!:-)

OMG! I just! I'll definitely go there, someday! Thanks again!!

Do you know? Many of them are married to local residents. Because their love of the beach is very beautiful .... sabang is the paradise of the world

It seems you know a lot about this Island.... Did you post something about it? If you did I'd like to see the post :-)

I have never posted anything about Sabang Island. If the princess wants all her information. I will give to a beautiful princess ... special for you...hehe

Many tourists from Europe who have come to Sabang Island, and they come back again. Some even do not want to go home .. hehehe

Heh! I believe you :-P
Are you from the Sabang Island??

Thank you for trusting me ... I'm from aceh. And Sabang is the island that is in aceh

Looks like the ocean was pretty calm and flat, but the island looks amazing. I met a few surfers from the Canaries a few years ago...would love to someday visit.

Haha it seems like I posted just photos of the flat ocean :-) I'll post some more photos with waves ;-)

I guess if you're a beginner then you want the waters to be somewhat tame;)
\m/ \m/