Travel diaries: Tajmahal- Seven wonder of the world

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Taj Mahal is considered as an epitome of Love.



The white marble building is a masterpiece crafted by many Craft men who built it in 20 years. It was build by ShahJahan in the memory of his late beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It was his dream to build black marble Taj mahal parallel to the white Taj Mahal.


The average height of Taj Mahal is more than 200 feet from ground. These days many rooms are locked and entry is permitted to limited area only.


Agra is my home town and whenever I get the chance I simply visit the Taj Mahal.



wow, how did you manage to stand on your toes? pride of India, hope I get to visit one day

I was jumping and my sister clicked it.

wow, she is good

Those are some really beautiful pictures you've got there :)

It is a masterpiece and speaks volumes about the craftsmanship.

Home town - wah! Get the famous Panchi Petha the next time :-D

wow, amazing pictures, great quality.

wow nice pic, super like it, hope i can also get chance to visit it... ;-)


great post nimik! keep it up! and thanks again for following!

Wow. Been ages that I visited TAJ. Memories revisited and time to give it a visit again

beautiful photos, what camera did you use?

looks amazaing, would have loved to be there