All the way through Sicily part 3

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Hi Steemians,
welcome back. My Sicilian trip continued through beautiful places i would like to share here with you.

After a tiring but funny wedding i participated, i took my luggage and decided to have 2 days on the road to discover some beautiful Sicilian places.

The car is ready to go to Segesta. This is an archeological site in which there is a Greek temple and an amphiteatre. They have been built on 100 bc.







Afer visiting Segesta sites we drove 1 hour to spend a night in Scopello city. This is a very small city located on a a strategic point of a clif. It was mainly inhabited by fishermans and one of the main attraction here is the old "tonnara", the place where Tuna fish were bought after being fished.

[These boats were mainly used for the dail maintenance of the nets and to catch the Tunas trapped into the net]

[These are the ropes used to build the circular net to capture the Tunas. The nets are prepared for a couple of months before being released into the sea]



After the visit, it's time to reach the next destination .. Erice.

after leaving Scopello, road to Erice, a Medieval city located on top of a hill. In this city Riman soldiers could be able to see the navy coming from the sea and terrestrial troops coming from nearby cities.

Lot of traditional pastries to be found in local pastry shops like
almond based cookies, Marzipan or pistachio based pastries.
I have been to one Pastry Shop called Grammatico: Very fimaliar and good pastries. To try!

But most important is to walk through the small streets of the citadel to finally reach the top of it and look down into the breathtaking landscape of the area.

[beautiful autumn forests surrounfing the road toward the citadel]

[Erice cathedral built on IV century ac]









[VenusCastle built by Normann population to pray Venus]

After having spent the morning and part of the afternoon in this beautiful place, we descend the hill to reach our final Destination : Marsala




In Marsla we have been to the so called Stagnone, a big Laguna in front of Marsala city. This place is known for its Salt flats and the beautiful colors at sunset time.

The Stagnone laguna contains 3 small islands, one of which (Motia) contains important archeological findings of Phoenicians population:

  • Motia
  • Big Island
  • The school

The very strange fact is that local boats surf the sea within 40-90 cm height water level along the entire bay. You can see the backdrop by simply looking outside the boat. Funny.
Phonecians population buils a street connecting one of the islands to the land, and during low tide, it emerges from the sea and you can walk on it !!!

1 hour boat-trip with local guide can be purchased in there. I kindly suggest to take it because it will explain a lot of things about the history of the laguna and the islands.



[The salt mountains along the canals are covered by tiles in order to keep the temperature and to stay protected when the wind blows]






[Sunset view of the salt fields]

I hope you enjoyed it that can help in case you decide to visit these beautiful places.

Don't forget to upvote if you like it :-)

See you soon


What was your Highlight in sicily?

For me it was Agrigent.
I love the Green culture !

These photos are amazing and the place looks very cool.

Hi @nixare, beautiful pictures!


I take pictures too and I would love to hear what you think about them!


Wow, Your Post is Awesum, Thanks for sharing :)

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.
Nice click .

i like your sentence. That's completely true. The goal is to try to let the photographer see what the viewer is seeing.

Awesome pictures.....👍👍

Awesome article! I just started my own. It's about the journey of my life across the world! Check it out! Let me know what you think!

Wow @nixare great pictures! I'm Italian but I've never been in Sicily, now I want to go there as soon as I can :D Steem on!

Thank you! Where are you from ?
I kindly suggest to visit Sicily cause it has really hidden beauties to be discovered.

I'm from Rome; really beautiful city and great history! You should visit it if you haven't been there already. However, I love the sea and good food, and I heard in sicily they have both ;)

Oh nice! I’ve been there for a spot interview last year but I’m planning to visit it this year as son as I have some spare days.

These pics are phenomenal.

thank you!

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Wow, great photos. I've never been to Sicily, but it's on the list.
Would you go back again?

i guess I will. It's a beautiful land!

I want to thank you for your beautiful pictures nixare! I like your style of photography and writing and would love to read more from you. I'm new to Steemit, so maybe if you can spare some time, please read my introduction post and tell me what you think about it. Have a lovely day :)

Wonderful images that convey the sense of timelessness of the island!

Exactly. An Ancient Era which brings to us all of these memories.
Thank you!

Wow sometimes the journey is more beautiful than the destination! Looks amazing, glad you had fun!

woow is Awesome like Saouira In Morocco!

i've never been in Saouira, but i have been in Marocco and i saw beautiful places as well.
Glad you like it.
I suggest it also because the food is great!

If you Thinking to Visit Morocco. i'll be ready to host you in Marrakech.
because i like to exchange culture of the world :)

thank you very much!
if i'll plan to visit again Marocco, i will accept it for sure!

i just published my new post on the Morocco trip
come and look

Thanks so much for sharing @nixare - some great info here. Upvoted!

thank you :-)

Wow , it's very beautiful and interesting place . I had not heard this place before yout post , thanx for sharing!

It is awesome! Must visit. Thank you for sharing!
Follow you
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Thank you very much!
i will sure read about it.

I'm from Licata, in Agrigento's province. Thank you for visiting and showing my beautiful region!

Wow! that's great.
I will visit also your zone as soon as i can. I Love Sicily!

Hey @nixare your clicks at segesta are just awawesome.....!!!!, l liked them a lot. I am feeling as if I am there, I joined you for your more new amazing posts👌👌👍
Please have a look and join me too☺️☺️☺️😊

Hei there,
please follow my new series about the trip in Morocco and get involved:
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Awesome article! I just started my own. It's about my journey across the world over 4 years! Check it out! I hope you enjoy it.

Nice pictures! haven't been to Italy yet but dor sure have to make it happen soon:)
Will be great if you can follow me as well, as I'm planning of start writing about my travels soon,

Breathtakingly beautiful!