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RE: Bangkok Day 2: Longboat Ride, Wat Arun, Khao Sahn Rd, and Learning the Scams of Thailand

in #travel4 years ago

I am sorry to read about your trip to Bangkok. It may be a trip that will never be forgotten. Want to enjoy the trip, but less fun and spend a lot of money. I have never experienced anything like that. Hope it does not happen. But the photos of your trip look good and I like the photos while in the restaurant, the food looks really good. The temple is also very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience when you take a trip to Bangkok. Hopefully this does not happen to other tourists. Have a nice trip.


We really have had a great time and most of the people have been super nice. Just hate dealing with scammers while we're trying to navigate from place to place. But it's all a part of traveling so no worries. And thanks for following along. I'm glad you've enjoyed it thus far. I just posted about today's adventures which led us to visit a local Buddhist Ajarn where we received Sak Yant tattoos! One of the best experiences of a lifetime.

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