A trans-formative adventure in Croatia. (part 2)

in #travel4 years ago

I love islands. There is a special quality of island life, the 'inconvenience' of sea or air access automatically slows down the pace of life so we chose a package tour from Korcula Adventures that included many island hops.


We also read many reviews and had a number of emails back and forth before sending any money to strangers half way around the world. The quick and clear responses we got were a clear indication that we would be treated well.

Our arrival went off without a hitch, a pre-arranged taxi met us at the airport and whisked us away to the ferry that would take us to Kortula Island. The taxi fare and ferry ticked were all pre-paid, we just walked aboard and found seats with a great view of the islands as we went from Split to Vela Luka where our host would be waiting to drive us to the villa.

Strip 3.jpg

Strip 4.jpg


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