Keukenhof park in Netherlands, part 2. My photos on Mi SE 8

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Hi Steemians!

I continue to tease you with such a cool and colorful place called Keukenhof park. This is a true paradise for lovers of flowers, because from such a number of plants, it wobbles in the head.


Every year, park workers create new varieties of flowers.

Visitors of this wonderful park have the opportunity to see something new every time and buy seeds. I also bought the Amarillis bulb and tulip seeds for my grandmothers. You don't even imagine how happy they were to get such colorful gifts!


Blue, purple, black, coral ... whatever colors of tulips you can see here.

I can only imagine how hard the gardener of the park works on such a huge area. Each flower needs good care and nutrition.


Here you can walk all day long. There really is something to look at and spend a good time with your family.

There are a lot of photozones to make beautiful photos and a rich selection of street food.


Here you can also try the famous herring, burgers with venison and natural fries that is very tasty.

Such a pity that there are no similar places in Ukraine.


This place is worth the attention so being in the Netherlands, be sure to visit this park! Mass of bright emotions and memories is provided!!!

See you very soon in the next post!

Best wishes,