My Egyptian Vacations 😊

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Hi Steemians!

How nice to be back home after a good vacation with new strength for work! This time we chose a very hot and sunny country - Egypt.

Land of mysterious pyramids, ancient gods and sweet ripe mangoes.


Usually we do not stay long in one location, but this time we were forced to spend 10 days in the hotel. Egypt is a vast desert, dangerous and unpredictable. Our guide did not recommend that we even go beyond the hotel. So we decided to listen to his advice and went on a tour of the hotel in search of something interesting.


The hotel is called "Albatross Aqua blue" in Sharm-el-Sheikh.

There are many swimming pools and a private water park. We had also the opportunity to go to water rides at a nearby hotel for free. Everything looked very attractive but ... the nearest beach was in about 20 min.


The Red Sea is very beautiful! I already had the opportunity to see it when I was in Israel a few years ago. I remember our trip to an underwater observatory in Eilat to look at the inhabitants of the Red Sea. It was amazing! But this time I wanted more. I tried diving for the first time in my life.


Soon I will write a separate post about how I overcame my fear of water and went down with an instructor 8 m underwater.

See you very soon 😘

Best wishes,



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Looks like a lot of fun!!!!

It was 😄😄😄. Diving was the best!

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Клас! Не надто жарко там зараз?
Ми дайвінг вперше спробували якраз в Ізраїлі, а потім в Єгипті. В Ізраїлі сподобалось більше :)

Там зараз пекло 😂😂😂😂. В Ізраїлі дійсно якось легше та жара переноситься, а тут немає чим дихати.

Ну залежить коли )) Ми в Ізраїлі були на початку листопада, і то було +33. А зараз в Туреччині на своє горе, тут +35 за щастя, і ще й вологість до вечора піднімається до 85%. Мрачний мрак

+35- то ще дійсно за щастя) Минулого року, ми були в Туреччині в липні, то було +50 🤪🤪🤪.

Це жесть! )) Але же від вологості залежить. Я чомусь думала, що біля моря не так волого :)) Мабуть, давно не їздила

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