What happens when you put unprotected alcohol in your travel luggage...

in #travel3 years ago

Once upon a time a birdie told me that nothing will happen with alcohol bottles uprotected in the travel luggage.

That day we had been doing a lot of shopping and "accidebtally" had too much to pack and too little time to reach the plane.

The birdie had a brilliant idea to put alcohol bottles in the travel case instead of hand luggage. I said immediately that they are gonna brake. They dont treat the cases nicely. The birdie didnt listen me like always, and insisted it would be fine. Me being so stressed agreed even though I had big doubts and fear of what would happen next.

What happened?

When we came to Norway, we found the case in "oversized" because it was half kg extra. Not only that but they wrote "pregnant elephant" on the case. And yeah... It was dripping alcohol.


Took it outside airport and opened the case. Alcohol bottles broken. And if thats not bad enough, majonaize too. So the case was a mess full of broken glass pieces, alcohol and majonaize. Guess who cleaned it. Me.

Another picture. Even one beer box was broke, a hole in it and it was dripping.

Lesson for me. Listen to myself and say NO if I know I am right, no matter what the other person thinks.


I agree with you. This also happen to me and my family just a few minutes ago. We are having a trip to an island and had already booked the tickets online but did not print the voucher even if there was a clear instruction to print because I thought maybe we can just persuade the terminal attendant. Unfortunately, the attendant could not assist us because they could not retrieve our bookings. They needed the printer voucher.

We've struggled several options to have the voucher printed, unfortunately we were not able to print it. We have no other choice since we are running out of time, but too book/buy another set of tickets.

A good lesson to learn.

That sucks that you had to buy another tickets. I am surprised that it was no way for them to retrieve your bookings. Maybe they made it like this on purpose to make more money on cases like this. I would not be surprised.

Maybe and I would also consider their reason that they don't a internet connection yet to retrieve my booking. Granting that, they have a very poor customer service. Why would they start to serve if they dont have a net when most of their bookings are done online. Not a good alibi at all. Very poor review for them.

Hahaha @olsm
Sometime little wrong is made right for us .
And you gain experience . next time you will be more careful about this.

Hello olsm!

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Always do what you see right and make you comfortable.

That sucks where did you fly from?

Again with your ex?

Yes, it was with my ex. What do you mean again? It was in the past, thats why I said "once upon a time". I think its just a fun story now, something to laugh about. And a lesson, to always listen myself. Because I was always right when I thought something was a bad idea but still agreed to it.

I thought it just happened now.

Oh hell no. This was some months ago.

oh goodness.. why are you calling her birdie? hahaha
I never had this experience because I am a little extra in terms of packing.

Yes, in my opinion this happens with many people in most of the case, where while traveling one person will advice the next person with his/her gut feelings but the next person ignores it, and the next person will do what he/she wants to do, but afterwards when the gut feeling was true then something unwanted happens then that gives real frustration, but this frustration will get addon when we have to pay the price when we adviced not to do. Thanks for sharing this experience with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Exactly, it was a big frustration for me. One of many. It was not the first time I was the I-told-you-so guy.

Feeling sorry for you brother. Stay blessed.

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I have had worse

I agree. You were right in the beginning too, they don't treat the luggages well. And it was always going to happen you should have put them in the hand luggage.
Anyways I feel bad for you, you had to clean all the mess yourself but a lesson learned.

I didn't have to, but being the stupid-kind / too kind type of guy, I cleaned it. It definitely should not have been me at all. The wrong person had the punishment, the told-you-so guy.

Wow! That must have been a very aggravating and frustrating experience for you. Lesson learned not to listen to anyone especially when your gut instinct tells you so, otherwise the opposite can just happen as you've experienced. Thanks for sharing your travel story.

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