Our Life Story | Chapter 12 – Its London Baby!

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There are so many beautiful cities in Europe that are worth visiting. Living in the south of the Netherlands has its benefits when it comes to location. 

City´s like Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels or London are all within a 4 hour drive from home.  

The road alongside Harrods store,  Brompton Road 

We can get to London in three ways. By train, plane or car. For the athletes among us you can even swim the English channel if you want to ;) Although this would take you a bit longer and you probably won’t arrive as well rested as you normally would like to start a city trip.   

It’s not that we don’t like sports but swimming roughly 30 kilometres to our destination is just a bit too much for us. 

I think we would drown, so we chose the plane!

Tickets bought from Ryanair where dirt cheap and I think we payed about 40 or 50 Euro’s for return tickets for 2 people. 

Not the most luxurious  Airliner, but it’s just a 45 minutes flight. So we didn’t mind to get stuffed in a plane like sardines in a can.   

Just like in most big “European” city’s the public transportation is great. A lot of metro stations scattered throughout the city makes almost everything really easy accessible.   

One of London's metro stations

Buying an Oystercard or travelcard is a good idea to get rid of the hassle with buying new tickets every day.

London is an amazing city with so much authentic and beautiful buildings. It took us almost 4 days to see most of this British Capitol. It’s not just the buildings or architecture which we liked a lot, but it’s the beauty of the British people too. Most people are really down to earth and very friendly. We’ve always had the idea that there’s just something with British and Dutch people that makes them almost the same accept for the language.   

Westminster Abbey

We had the pleasure to be in London while the Notting hill Carnival kicked off. This is one of the world’s biggest street festivals filled with lots of music, beer, delicious foods and most important, a whole lot of very happy people!  

Around 2 Million visitors each year!

Lot's of colors and happy dancing people

This makes the Notting hill Carnival the second largest street festival just behind Rio de Janeiro carnival. All of this is being guided by almost 40.000 volunteers and more than 9000 police. 

If you ever get the chance to visit London during the Carnival weekend, just go… This is a no brainer.    

We enjoyed it and are very pleased to have drank some delicious beers with our oversea neighbors while enjoying the variety of music.  

Delicious food and beer

London was one of the last big cities in Europe we just had to visit before embarking on our journey to the Caribbean. Living in the Caribbean will give us a new location to travel from, exploring the cities and country’s from the other side of the world, South America in particular. 

We just can’t wait to go.....

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I think we are soulmates. :) I would love to live where you do and have such diverse beauty so close! From Ohio it takes a bit more of a commitment. We love London so much we might go back. Hopefully soon!

Always keep exploring right?! Life is too short for fixed locations :) Wish you guys all the best in your travels!

Wonderful....I love London! We're doing Jack the ripper tour in April. Looks like you had fun. Great pictures! Love following and seeing what you guys are up too!

Thank you London is a great city. We loved it!
Have fun on your tour in April :)

Will certainly try ! :-)

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Good one, good to chill out once a while.

Yeah it certainly is!

Thanks for the interesting pics and quick response lol
Was really good. Thanks again for this London story. See you!! ^.^

Thanks again for your support!

The cool pics alone are worth the upvote

Thank you very much for your support! @matrixdweller

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Awesome, thank you. Love your blog too, been following for a while now :)

Thank you for a wonderful post and pictures, I have always dreamt to go to London)

Thank you for taking the time to comment. What keeping you from going to London? @enigma84

I am planning to go there soon, just could not do it earlier because my baby was too little

Great pics and post!