A day of trekking | The start!

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February, 2017.

This one was a trek that started very differently from the rest: on instagram.

So one day while reviewing the new posts on this app that’s so addictive for me, I found that TachiraTrekking, one of the accounts with the highest photographic record of the natural destinations of my state, was inviting everyone to be part of a small route next Sunday ( February, 5th), as it was a new destination for me I didn’t hesitate to ask for information and seeing that there was nothing getting in my way to go I decided to check in and tell my friends. This time, only Emanuel, Gabriel and Alfredo came with me:

The meeting point was at the public passenger terminal of the city, early in the morning; there I met Mauricio Chacón, who manages the instagram account that I mentioned above and who also has the most complete routes blog in Táchira, which I’ve used countless times to plan my own trips.

Several minutes passed while we waited for the others in the terminal, including Daymari and Ramón, other friends that I had invited, but it did not take long for us to get in the bus and they still didn’t arrive, I called them a lot of times but it was impossible to contact them, and as this time it was not me who was in charge of  the decisions, there was no way to delay the departure to wait just a bit more, so we left without them two.

The bus we took was one of the Expresos San José line which left us on the "Y" of El Zumbador after spending an hour on the road, some took that time to have breakfast just before starting the trek and some of us just played around with the local doggos.

To be continued...  

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Thanks for your time!

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